20 Free Scroll Saw Patterns For Beginners:
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As with many craft skills, perfecting scroll work requires frequent practice. In order to make the best of this type of tool, you need to possess some crucial skills. However, as a beginner who's developing scroll work skills, you need to practice with the best patterns with just a few easy to follow steps. Fortunately, you do not need to look too far to find some free scroll saw patterns for beginners. 

Before you proceed with this review “free scroll saw patterns for beginners”, you need to know certain crucial points. For the class of people that will make use of these patterns, we looked for projects that only require a few steps to be completed. 

In addition, we decided to avoid intricate, tight turns requiring projects better reserved for someone with advanced skills. Most importantly, you can complete all these free scrolls saw patterns with a single wood type, so you don’t have to bother about blade replacement. Therefore, by simply downloading and printing these free scroll saw patterns for beginners, you can perfect the art of scroll-sawing.

Without further ado, let us get to it!

1. Country Bird Feeder House

Upon completion of this free scroll saw pattern, you can easily add the adorable little bird feeder house to the exterior design of your home. However, you can only do this after you have mastered the required scrollwork. This pattern made it to the free scroll saw patterns for beginners list because inexperienced saw users can complete it easily.

Provided is a link to this pattern. You will receive an offer to try out the pattern without any charges, which means it is worth a trial. You will have the plans which also include a material list, full-color photo, and full-size plans to kick start your practice.

2.      Autumn Leaves Coasters

Source: scrollsawer.com

The beauty of craftsmanship revolves around the ability to make use of your imagination, allowing it to run wide and make awesome patterns. However, we have saved you the stress of having to think, rather we have given you some free scroll saw patterns for beginners. Everyone who comes across these leaves coasters will definitely have something nice to say about them.

With autumn leaves coasters, you will have something memorable to rest your drinks on. Upon completion, you can add this to your kitchen and make every guest ask where you purchased them. As with many of the free scroll saw patterns for beginners, we have made available easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Most importantly, these coasters offer many details that will guide every beginner through the scroll work process. Lastly, you can try these patterns without making any investment.

3. Lattice Picture Frame

Source: http://www.saw4fun.com/patterns/1-05-01-02-005_php.php

 The benefits of your scroll work skills will only be evident when you master and complete projects for yourself or make money with it. Unlike the first two projects we have discussed, this has more details. In addition, you will spend a lot of time before completing it successfully. As a piece of advice, do not take on this project as a beginner. However, you can take it when you get to complete additional scrolls saw projects.

Most importantly, it will challenge your skills as a beginner and eventually help master the art. This stands out as one of the printable and free scroll saw patterns for beginners. Due to the link provided, all you need to do is refresh the page if you had already visited to generate a new download code. However, you can print this as many times as you want to. With some intricate details, this plan will help gauge your skills and level you up as a scroll saw worker.

4. Gone Fishing Lure

Source: ​http://​​stevedgood.com/

Here at mytoolcloset, we are always looking to make everything as easy as possible for craftsmen. This is the main reason for the introduction of these posts on fee scroll saw patterns for beginners. Undoubtedly, every beginner needs to either have a printable pattern or easy to follow steps.

This acts as a fun sign that you can use to spice up your restroom and help strangers identify your favorite hobby. Stay relaxed as you can get the scroll saw woodworking plan for this project with a single click of the download button.

However, you can always make as many prints or downloads as you need. This pattern made the list because, it will challenge you as a first timer, albeit not to a frustrating level. It will enable you to realize the need for frequent practice and better mastery of the art. Fortunately, the reward for your hard work will be visible as you can take on more difficult projects and complete them with ease.

Lastly, getting the prints comes at no cost but the host site does ask for donations if the patterns helped.

5. Geometric Square

Image Source: ​http://​craftsmanspace.com/

The free scroll saw patterns for beginners continues with another easy to complete project. This plan comes in really handy for beginners working on a wood piece that require some details added to it.  Upon completion of this project and mastery of the geometric square, you can easily add it to any wood surface of varying sizes.

Most importantly, this plan will allow every beginner to practice straight carving with scroll saws. Furthermore, this plan allows beginners to understand how to get the dynamic edges seen on the plan of the geometric square. As with other free scroll saw patterns for beginners on this list, this plan can be downloaded in several formats.

6. Color and Shapes Puzzle

Image source: myscrollsawprojects.blogspot.com

The world of craftsmen revolves around how much time you put into mastering your skills. Regardless of the difficulty of the project at first sight, as a beginner, you should consider every plan as too easy. This color and shapes remain a popular toy for kids to play with.

Therefore, if you have kids, you can put this plan to work and look to impress your kids with your newly acquired skills. Beyond impressing your kids, this template will also allow you to master different techniques required for a scroll saw worker. In addition, you can easily lay your hands on this plan by downloading the image.

Most importantly, you will derive satisfaction seeing your kids play with your handiwork.

7. Santa Claus Garland or Mobile

Image source: https://www.craftideas.info/

Yeah, you read that right! This simple project will allow you to set the tone for the holidays. You can have one hanging on your front door or in a place where its beauty will attract the best compliments. Simple and quick to make, perfecting the art of making this will help you master how to make accurate cuts with a high level of accuracy.

Since you can easily download the pattern, just get to work as soon as you have them. Also, you can follow the easy step-to-step instructions from the host site. Lastly, upon completion, you can easily decorate your home with it or use it as a gift.

8. Bear Puzzle

Image sourcce: https://www.pinterest.com

As a first-time scroll saw user, you can put your skill to test with this simple plan. Although it made the free scrolls saw patterns for beginners list, because of its rather easy to follow steps and level of difficulty. The bear puzzle stands out as one of the most fun to create projects to make the list.

Without any cost, you can get the plan and easy steps to follow with pictures. This means you have all it takes to complete the project and master the art of woodworking. In addition, you will learn how to make perfectly shaped cuts and also add intricate details to workpieces.

9. Family Sign

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com

Everyone loves to have a family sign hanging on their front doors or somewhere where it adds to the beauty of the home. However, instead of having to purchase customized designs, you can easily invest in the best scroll saws. With this investment, you can easily make for yourself a family sign and also master the art for bigger and demanding projects.

Most times, you won’t get sites that provide a well-detailed description of this project. However, we have saved you the stress of having to look for how to complete the project. In the link provided, you have all you need to complete the project and also download and print copies freely. Undoubtedly, this stands out as one of the free scrolls saw patterns for beginners with many details to learn from.

10. Baskets Group

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/165788830007009518/?lp=true

The free scroll saw patterns for beginners list continues with a rather easy to complete plan. Although this plan helps to master your scroll work skills, it also helps to add useful and unique containers to your home. Furthermore, the link provided presents to you four different patterns that you can easily download and print.

Most importantly, this project will allow you to master how to make concentric circles with your scroll saw. As time goes on, you will become more comfortable and confident to undertake this project and even take on more demanding projects. With constant practice of this plan, you have a great chance to perform well when you take on more demanding projects.

11. Perpetual Calendar

Image source: https://www.scrollsawartist.com

This section, however, comes with its own restriction as only Catholics and very few people use it. In simple terms, a perpetual calendar is a manual calendar that you can control. The perpetual calendar endlessly allows you to adjust the date, month and time of the year.  You can adjust all that on a daily basis.

Mostly found in offices, the perpetual calendar is a good desk accessory to always keep yourself in check. The patterns contain well-detailed instructions and a very elegant design, which is why we like this pattern. Not only is it easy to make, but also remains a practical option and can be used in the office environment.

12. Butterfly Magnets

Image source: sawshub.com

Undoubtedly, we know by now that craftsmanship allows people to make use of their imaginary mind to create awesome concepts. The same applies to these butterfly magnet plans. With basic straps of wood, a first-time scrolls saw user can learn to create these cute and innovative magnet designs.

Remember, the number of required steps also help to determine the level of difficulty. This plan only requires a few steps. Furthermore, this project remains one of the free scrolls saw patterns for beginners to take on in the summer.

Similarly, you can take on patterns like leaves coasters in autumn. Albeit, this plan doesn’t remain fit for just the summer loving craftsmen. As a nature lover, these easy to make butterfly magnets will help to spruce up your refrigerator. This plan most likely stands out as the most basic and easy to understand plan of all other free scrolls saw patterns for beginners. Furthermore, in the link provided, you will have the plans detailed instructions on how to create them perfect for a beginner.

 13. Chopping Board

Image source: https://images.search.yahoo.com/images

The list of free scroll saw patterns for beginners continues with another design for the culinary world. As a beginner, you cannot take on a pattern because you need it but for the skills, you will master from it. This is in line with this chopping board plan, perfect for decorative food presentations.

It has a straight forward design and has little to offer on scrollwork skills. It doesn’t teach how to make intricate details as it has a simple design. However, you will learn how to make straight and precise cuts. In as much as you do not need to engrave any designs, you can decide to use that opportunity to learn some detailing.

This made the list because anyone who wishes to practice their scrolls saw skills can make something reusable for home use. Most importantly, it gives room for error as it requires little or no detailing. Hence, beginners can practice their skills with this plan confidently.

14. Bamboo Triptych

Image source: scrollsawworkshop.blogspot.com/

I’m a big fan of a Zen-themed home, with an environment built around meditation. Such an environment allows you to find calmness within the chaos in the mind of man. However, in order to set yourself up for the mood, you can decorate your bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else with this 3-piece wooden bamboo. The goal is to have a relaxing and calming vibe and this design does this perfectly.

However, the pattern contains well-detailed instructions regarding its creation. Home improvement stores make a profit from selling stuff like this and you can also put your skills to use as a source of side income. However, frequent practice on well-detailed patterns will make you a craftsman with an eye for details.

15. Leaf Pocket Dish

Image source: https://www.luxuryhomestuff.com

Almost everyone invests in a leaf pocket dish, because of the number of small but hard to miss importance.  A pocket dish gives you enough room to store all your keys, spare change, or receipts. In addition, anything in your hands when you enter the door can be left safely in a leaf pocket dish until when needed.

A leaf pocket dish, when placed at the entrance allows you to pick up what you need when leaving and drop things off when you come in. Therefore, you can put your skills to the test and save yourself the cost of purchasing one. People have a lot on their plates and have little or no time to keep things in order, hence, some invest in a leaf pocket dish to help out in its way.

The free scroll saw pattern for beginners has a simple design and you can easily recreate it with little effort.

16. Hope Sign

Image: scrollsawworkshop.blogspot.com

An observant reader will notice that most of the free scrolls saw patterns for beginners we have mentioned have aesthetical value. Similarly, this hope sign makes a sweet little decor piece that you can place on your office desk or even hang it on a wall. It can serve as a means of starting a conversation, anytime you have someone walk into your home or office.

Furthermore, it will serve its purpose of brightening and bringing hope to your day. You never know who might need it, however, we know that you need to practice to master the use of scroll saw. It has a basic, simple design such that it poses no threat to a beginner’s knowledge of scroll work.

17. Grandparents Sign

Image Source: scrollsawworkshop.blogspot.com

 Are you looking to impress your grandparents with your newly acquired skills? You can design a grandparent sign exclusively for your grandparents. Furthermore, you can celebrate them with a beautiful quote engraving. This pattern has a simple design and every beginner should be able to take on this simple project to master the use of scrolls saw patterns.

This stands out as a great beginner’s design, touching, sentimental and without any complicated design. Therefore, put a smile on your grandparents’ faces with a DIY  that you have made.

18. Skeleton

Image source: sawshub.com

Every student has either seen this in books, laboratories, and we all know the cold shiver its sight gives. Even adults get a cold shiver when they set their eyes on a wooden skeleton scroll saw pattern. Furthermore, you can sue the pattern for Halloween, a science project, or a simple quirky feature in your home. Although elaborate, it remains one of the patterns every beginner can complete.

The beauty of most of the free scroll saw patterns for beginners we have mentioned is that you can reuse them even after using them in mastering the art of scroll work. Regardless, we like this because you can use it for home decoration. The website provides enough information as to how to assemble the skeleton after cutting the pieces.

19. Sheet Music Rest for Grand Piano

Image source: http://www.misterstandman.com/piano.htm

The crafted sheet music stands as an awesome classic addition to your piano home, but only for the music-oriented individuals. Also, you can use it as a gift to a piano lover. Most importantly, you can use this pattern to master the art of scroll work. The piano’s elegant and timeless design in addition to the sheet music intricate patterns will feed the ears and make a show for your eyes as well.

20. Floor and Grandfather Clock Hands

Image source: http://www.finescrollsaw.com/chippendale-grandfather-clock.htm

Have you ever been caught in between disposing of an ancient item but classical in design? As with a long case clock that’s too old-fashioned but too special to become just another stuff in the trash. The best way to keep this long case clock is to change it up and give it a modern look. This you can do by changing the clock’s hand. Let your imagination run wide and beautify the clock with the short hour hand and longer minute hand. Adventurous yet easy to complete and a perfect beginner’s guide.


We have taken a close look at 20 free scrolls saw patterns for beginners and with these, you can take your skills to a higher level. Remember, consistency in practice is what breeds perfection and mastery of the art. Whether you do this as a side hustle or just for recreation, be the best at it and you will have no worries.

However, most free scrolls saw patterns remain useful after using them as practice. Hence, you lose not a single thing by investing in mastering this skill. You can easily lay your hands on most of these designs with a printable and free scroll saw patterns for beginners. When you download these patterns, you’ll have the guide, materials and easy step-to-step instructions.

Hence, create time and master the skill!