Rotorazer Review In 2019
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Rotorazer Review

The introduction of Rotorazer saws into the world of woodworking stood as a big game changer, not only for craftsmen, but for power tools and its market. Our Rotorazer review will give you an inside peek into this world, as we take a closer look at what the Rotorazer saw stands for. For people who have seen this multipurpose saw on TV, or have a bit of history with it, will know that this basic tool has more to its functions than what meets the eye.

Over the years, Rotorazer saw has grown to become an indispensable unit in construction sites and even workshops of hobbyist. This is largely because of its versatility as an ultimate all-in-one saw with seven different saws in just one handy tool. When you need to make quick and precise cutting on a number of projects, you can call on the Rotorazer saw.

The Rotorazer features a circular saw useful in making small cuts on materials of different kinds. With its compact build, you can use this tool even on materials placed in tight corners or in narrow passages. 

In essence, Rotorazer stands as an innovative tool that offers enough versatility to handle all types of projects. For beginners or hobbyist willing to take on several projects including remodeling, construction and much more, will need to equip themselves with a Rotorazer saw. 

Quick Comparison: Rotorazer vs Dremel 




Official ROTORAZER Compact Circular Saw Set

3,500 RPM

Rotorazer Platinum Compact Circular Saw Set

4,500 RPM

Dremel US40-03 Ultra-Saw Tool Kit 


Dremel VC60-01 Velocity

7.0 Amp Hyper

10,000-16,000 RPM

Dremel SM20-02 120-

Volt Saw-Max Tool Kit

17,000 RPM

Rotorazer Review And Its Features

Our Rotorazer review will remain incomplete without taking a look at the features of this multipurpose saw. Some of the features included makes this device a unique choice among other brands like Dremel, Versacut, and Rotozip.

The Rotorazer saw features a powerful motor with a rating of 400-watts, capable of driving several blades as fast as possible. Its rated at 3,400RPM and is efficient for both beginners and hobbyist Furthermore, the motor is placed inside a construction-grade body with enough durability, to handle tough projects while in operation.

As it stands, you can only consider the Rotorazer saw as one of the most versatile, durable, lightweight and portable saws ever. This high-end handheld saw offers enough versatility with the features included, makes it easily one of the best products in the market. In fact, its introduction into the market was a major blow to a number of other handheld saw types.

Also, as you may know, nothing beats safety when making use of power tools. The Rotorazer saw has enough user-friendly safety features included. For instance, it has a thumb-controlled power switch just within reach to turn the saw on and off. Furthermore, it features a safety switch, which ensures the blade guard stays locked until you want to start cutting.

In addition to safety, this Rotorazer saw also has a number of other comfortable features. Straight out of the box, it has three razor-sharp cutting blades made of hard materials like diamond, tungsten, and steel. Also, you can use these blades to make shallow, medium, or deep cuts which all can be adjusted.  Overall, this Rotorazer review shows how valuable this saw truly is.

Dremel Review

A Rotorazer review isn’t complete without taking a closer look at other competing brands. However, as a woodworker, you either prefer to use a handheld saw or the bench top counterpart. All the same, Dremel is a brand that makes both classes of saws.

Dremel stands as a close competitor because they make saws that make cutting an easy feat.  Furthermore, their tools also have enough versatility to cut through several materials like wood, plastics, and even metal. Just like the Rotorazer models, Dremel saws are considerably lightweight and portable. Hence Dremel saws stand as another option for making precise cuts on just about anything.

Although there exist a few distinctions in the two brands, over the years a mention of Dremel or Rotorazer stirs up thoughts about their counterpart. With a number of products from each producer, the competition for the best handheld saw has been as stiff as possible.

Rotorazer Review vs Dremel Review

Having taken a sneak peek at what the two products look like, a few differences between the two should also become known. Below we have broken down these comparisons in detail.

Motor Rating

Both brands have powerful motors on their products. Rotorazer features a 4A motor which drives the blade at almost 3,400RPM. The 400W motor on Rotorazer isn’t a pushover but it's not as powerful as the Dremel saw. It's motor is rated at 6A and drives the blade at almost 17,000 RPM. This is very significant since this is almost 6 times as fast as the Rotorazer blades.

This explains why the Dremel saws can take on a wider range of materials than the Rotorazer saw. The Rotorazer saw cannot make fine cuts on metallic surfaces unless you want to put the cutting blades at higher risk of damage.

Depth of Cut

With the adjustable blade guard feature on both products, you can control the depth at which you make cuts. Our Rotorazer review shows that the Dremel Saw can make deeper cuts than its Rotorazer counterpart.

With the ability to control the depth of cuts at shallow, medium or deep, the Rotorazer saw can make cuts up to 12mm. On the contrary, the Dremel brand can make deep cuts of up to an inch.

Blade Types and Size

Another thing to note in these multipurpose class of tools, revolves around the type of blades they make use of. On the Dremel saw you will see the multipurpose Carbide Wheel and Flush Cut carbide wheel blades.

On the other hand, Rotorazer features a blade made out of the hardest substance known: diamond and a number of other materials. Some of the other materials include tungsten and steel. Therefore, you will only see three types of blades on the Rotorazer saw as opposed to the carbide and diamond wheels on Dremel saws.

Furthermore, the sizes of these blades differ. The size of the blades on Rotorazer saws range from 0.75 to 2 mm, with the maximum diameter standing at a whopping 54.8 mm. While the Dremel saw features a much bigger blades at 3.5-inches diameter (almost 90mm).

Cutting Materials And Build Quality

These two brands have grown to become the best saws for crafters, carpenters, interior decorators, and even construction workers. However, both can cut a different range of materials. You can use the Rotorazer saw to cut materials like ceramic tiles, marble, and stone.

With the tungsten carbide blade on the Rotorazer saw you can also make cuts on hardwoods and plywood. However, if you mount the platinum blade on this saw you can make cuts through metal at the right RPM. On the other hand, the Dremel Metal blades can cut through similar materials.

The build quality of both saws offers you enough compactness and portability to easily maneuver these units. Furthermore, the lightweight ensures you don’t have too much strain on your hands while making use of them for longer periods of time.

Factors To Look Out For Before Buying A Circular Saw

Before revealing the list of products to make our Rotorazer review list, every craftsman needs to know things to look out for when purchasing circular saws.


Every woodworker should keep this to heart as it goes a long way to determine the useful life of the tool. Hence, for your money’s worth, purchase only saws whose construction packs enough sturdiness and durability.

The saw must have a construction-grade chase which keeps the powerful motor intact during usage and a number of other features. Also, you must ensure the build material doesn’t make the unit too heavy for long operations.

Types Of Blades

Probably the most important part of the saw as it actually does the cutting after becoming driven at incredible speeds. Always check the type of blade on your saw and the material used in making it. Actually, the blade types play an important role in the versatility of the saw.

Some of the best Rotorazer come with interchangeable razor-sharp blades. The blades made out of diamond, tungsten, steel, and many other materials help to determine the type of materials the saw can cut.  Furthermore, the addition of adjustable blade guards allows you to determine the depth of cutting.

Dust Extraction Systems

Remember, nothing beats your safety when making use of these tools. Therefore, you need to prevent dust particles from entering your eyes, nose, and even hair. In fact, you need to maintain a clean work environment. For that, purchase a saw that has a reliable dust extraction mechanism.

Price And Quality

The Rotorazer review should make you a wise buyer. Hence, we cannot leave this section out of the Rotorazer review, because your budget determines the product’s category you will end up with. Never opt for a low-quality saw because of its cheapness. Although a high-quality Rotorazer stands as an expensive choice,  it gives you the value for your money.

Therefore, you should purchase a mini circular saw because it is durable, functional, easy to use, efficient, and powerful.

Evaluate Your Needs

In as much as you know where and when you will use this tool, you can always make plans to buy a saw. Sometimes you don’t need this particular cutting tool. So take a look at your workshop and see if you can perform your duties without spending extra cost on circular saws. This is important to avoid unnecessary expenses and also to equip you with only the needed tools.

A careful comparison with other tools in your workshop will help identify if you need to actually spend money on one. So, evaluate your needs and also the project requirements before making a decision to buy a saw.

Power Consumption

You should also consider the power rating on your tool to determine its power consumption. Before you spend an extra dime on Rotorazer saws, you should carefully examine the project requirements. However, you must know the approximate amount of power the tool can consume and its ultimate effect on your power bills.

For the consumer grade compact saws, it consumes about 3 to 4 amps. On the other hand, the commercial grade power saw will use about 5 to 7 amps. Therefore, the demands of your project will help to determine which class of saw to opt for.

The Speed Of The Blade

Another important factor to consider is how fast the blade of the saw spins. This actually depends on the power rating of the saw, the higher the power rating, the faster it can drive the saw. The speed of the blade also determines the efficiency of cuts made through different materials.

If you purchase a saw with a high RPM, it will successfully drive through the denser materials. To cut the finest piece of material you also need a fast spinning blade. Generally, an RPM of about 3,500 is accepted, although saws with higher RPM of more than 10,000 will make finer cuts with ease.

Cutting Depth

Generally, handheld and compact saws were designed to make small cuts on materials. Unlike other types of saws in the workshop that can make deeper cuts, handheld saws can only cut to a limited depth. However, to avoid wasting money, make sure the unit you purchase can make cuts up to the required depth.

Rotorazer Review vs Dremel Review Products

Since you now know what qualities to look for in circular saws, let’s take a look at a few products from the two popular brands.

1.    Official ROTORAZER Compact Circular Saw Set 

The first product to make our Rotorazer Review vs Dremel Review list is a unit from Rotorazer. From the name you can already tell that it offers a wide range of versatility as you can use it for cutting materials like drywall, pipes, PVC, plastic, copper, carpet and many more.  

The Rotorazer mini saw comes with 3 Interchangeable Blades, which means you can use this unit on different materials depending on their density. With a variety of suitable blades like diamond, tungsten and steel, you can cut through every necessary material for your projects. Also, this unit features a Dust Extraction System to protect the user and keep your work area clean.

Furthermore, it features an adjustable blade guard which prevents every possibility of clogging. The Rotorazer Multi-purpose features a powerful motor with a rating of 400 watts. The motor generates enough power to drive the blade at almost 3,500RPM. The build quality also ensures that the motor becomes a safe unit inside its durable and sturdy body.

For safety purposes, it features a protective safety switch that keeps the blade guard in place and well-locked. Overall, this unit stands as an efficient tool, although not the most powerful.


  • Three interchangeable blades
  • Dust extraction system
  • Inexpensive
  • Can make cuts on all materials


  • Limited cutting thickness


2.    Rotorazer Platinum Compact Circular Saw Set

Although the second unit to make the Rotorazer review list, it has enough worthy features. Since you won’t find too many reviews on this product, we have taken time on our Rotorazer review to make it worth the read. 

This unit is equipped with a Multi-Saw Combination, which means the platinum saw is a combination of circular, jigsaw, hand, tile, hack, band and miter saws. 

Featuring a 7-in-1 functionality, it offers a wide range of versatility to perform nearly all construction and improvement of household tasks. The Rotorazer platinum has more dynamic cutting ability as opposed to that of the other Rotorazer product on this list.

This saw can also cut through any type of material some of which include hardwood, laminated flooring, plywood, drywall, and ceramic tile. In fact, you can go on to use this multi-purpose saw on denser materials like sheet metal, masonry, grout, pegboard, PVC, marble, and plastic.

Unlike on the previous rotorazer saw, this unit has a high quality and powerful motor with a rating of 500 watts. The motor can drive the blade as fast as 4,500 RPM unlike the 3,500RPM recorded in the earlier unit. Furthermore, it has a dust removal system to keep the work area clean and protect the user.

Like the Rotorazer multi-purpose saw mentioned earlier, it comes with three quick interchangeable blades. Also, it has an adjustable blade guard that enhances the safety of the user.

You can consider this unit as an upgrade to the Rotorazer multi-purpose saw, even though it performs more of the multi-purpose function with its 7-in-1 package.


  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Durable and sturdy build
  • 7-in-1 feature
  • Cuts denser materials easily
  • More powerful motor


  • Limited blade diameter
  • Limited cutting depth 

3.    Dremel US40-03 Ultra-Saw Tool Kit 

The Dremel Ultra-Saw 40-03 stands as the third saw to make the Rotorazer Review vs Dremel Review. Although this is the first product from Dremel, it remains a powerful option for people who desire more from compact saws. It features quite a number of distinct features which we will further explain.

First, it has a more powerful motor than both Rotorazer units mentioned previously. It's motor is rated with 7.5-amps and 900 Watts. This is key because with great power this will allow for making long cuts. 

Also, during grinding and cutting duties, the heat generated becomes resisted by both the metal foot and guards. Furthermore, it features larger cutting blades at 3.5- and 4-inches.

The exclusive accessories included allow you to make use of this device for other duties like removing paint, rust, and thin-set. In essence, you can go beyond just cutting with the added benefit.

In addition to this, it has a long lasting drive train, metal foot, and guard to perform more difficult duties. The adjustable depth guide and plunge action allow you to perform more precise cuts and also take control of the blade. At 4.63 pounds it weighs considerably lesser than other saws in this review list.


  • Lightweight and portability
  • More powerful motor
  • Larger cutting blades
  • Added versatility with surface preparation and other applications
  • Adjustable depth guide


  • Only uses Dremel blades

4.   Dremel VC60-01 Velocity 7.0 Amp Hyper

This stands as the second unit from Dremel to make this Rotorazer review vs Dremel review comparison list. However, this tool kit has a big difference from other tools we have reviewed. 

This unit stands as a perfect tool for performing all your remodeling duties. Furthermore, the Dremel VC60-01 has gained prominence among hobbyist and professionals for its functionality

Talking about the exclusive feature, it offers you usage in two positions, which means you can make use of the oscillating tool for one orientation and its side. It features a distinct holding mechanism for the blades and other attachments usable with the tool. 

Furthermore, it possesses a new control foot and a side-mounted blade that helps to make significant cuts. It features an ergonomic design that has impressive vertical and horizontal grips.

This unit has a distinct hyper-oscillating speed setting which allows you to work with this tool at a speed nine times faster than other tools in this range. In fact, the 5-degrees oscillation angles plus this feature gives an OPM range of between 10,000 and 16,000 OPM. All this is possible with the use of the 7-A motor.

Since it’s an electrical model, you will have to stay connected to a power source, however; this is possible with the use of its 7-feet power cord. Unfortunately, it has a much heavier weight than most tools and this stands as it's downside.

Also, it doesn’t have the anti-vibration technology, which means you will have to handle the additional effects of fatigue and health problems. Overall, this unit stands as a fantastic tool that will give you value worth the purchase price.


  • Powerful motor
  • Can cut through thicker woods
  • Variable speed feature
  • Swing out control foot for maximum accuracy


  • No anti-vibration technology
  • Heavier than other tools in the same range

5.    Dremel SM20-02 120-Volt Saw-Max Tool Kit

This Rotorazer review vs Dremel review comparison has just 5 products and this stands as the last to make the list. Saw-Max has grown to become a household name and the SM20-02 Saw-Max tool kit by Dremel further proves its versatility. Furthermore, this unit comes with additional attachments that allow the user to take on other non related duties.

The Saw-Max features a powerful motor with a rating of 6-Amp. This motor drives the blade of this unit as fast as 17,000 RPM.

Despite the powerful motor and a number of other features, it weighs only 6.4 pounds. Hence, the lightweight Dremel SM 20-02 allows you to perform all duties without thinking about straining your hand.

It features two cutting wheel positions which allow you to have a clear view of your workpiece. Furthermore, it features an adjustable depth setting for manually determining the depth of cuts. The two cutting positions allow you to make different cuts, which include straight, plunge, and flush.

Finally, the Saw-Max aims to provide all users with maximum comfort and also an enjoyable cutting experience. Hence, this unit is designed with an optimized grip diameter and switch placement. It comes with four cutting wheels, cutting guide, dust port adapter, an owner’s manual and storage case.


  • Allows one-handed cutting operations
  • Powerful enough to make tough cuts in tight areas
  • Dual positions for the cutting wheel
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Expensive Replacement cutting wheels


The use of circular saws has made a lot of duties easy for craftsmen and many contractors. Our Rotorazer review should provide you with enough information to make you a conscious buyer and also a list of products you can start with.

Dremel on the other hand has a brand that manufactures tools which remain similar to products from Rotorazer. This review list has 2 products from Rotorazer and 3 from Dremel, however, it will be difficult to call a particular brand the best.

Without a doubt you already know that Dremel makes more powerful tools. For instance, the Dremel US40-03 stands as our pick among units made by Dremel. While the Rotorazer Platinum stands as our pick among units from Rotorazer.

Overall, you can't go wrong with either pick once selected, and remember all products in our rotorazer review can handle your cutting needs with great success.