Handy Ways To Put Your Heat Gun To Use

Handy Ways To Put Your Heat Gun To Use

The workshop of every homeowner or professional craftsman always has a number of important tools. Heat guns belong to this type of class and offer a wide range of variable uses. Due to the type of project you"ll take on, you may only use this tool for just one or two applications. Unfortunately, heat guns remain one of the most versatile tools you could ever own.

Unlike tools that you use on special occasions, the heat gun has multiple purposes. As a home homeowner, contractor or worker at a hospital, there exists a number of handy ways to put your heat gun to use that you need to open yourself to. For instance, you can use a heat gun to bend and weld plastic, soften adhesives, and thaw frozen pipes.

If you belong to the school of thought: What more can I do with a heat gun other than shrink plastic or strip paint? Then you need to get in here and read through our post on “20 handy ways to put your heat guns to use”. Without further ado, let's get started!


1. Paint Removal

Vintage window restoration, worker using putty knife and electric heat gun to remove old paint

Annoyingly as it sounds, paint removal stands as one of those tasks most homeowners don't ever want to take on. Due to the difficulty and stress involved, you don't want to remove paint without the best heat gun. Stripping off paint from the wall of a room is a challenge in itself. Unlike the harder and less fried; chemical solvent method, why not make use of a heat gun. Although this stands as one of the most popular handy ways to put your heat gun to use, it makes your job so much easier

2. Softening Adhesives

Softening Adhesives

At a one point or the other, you have experienced the frustration of ruining the appearance of your car or refrigerator. Stickers on refrigerator and bumper stickers on cars sometimes come off badly when you attempt to remove them. However, you can always get the stickers off by using a heat gun. This can be done by putting your heat gun in the lowest settings, then heating the sticker for a while and boom! It's off.

Furthermore, you can use this simple technique on adhesives including glues and cement. Some prime examples are tiles in your bathroom, or even posters on the walls of your room.

3. Loosening Rusty Screws and Nuts

rusty bolt

Sometimes your handheld spanners cannot deal with the threat posed by rusty screws and nuts. Whether you need to make repairs on your car or kid’s bicycle, whenever you come across rusty crew or nuts, all you need do is to grab your heat gun.

The heat gun heats up the bolts and causes it to expand. This expansion makes it easy to remove them. Although not your regular applicable function this still stand as a handy way to put your heat gun to use.

4. Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrapping cucumber

So far, the best and easiest way to use shrink wrap come from heat guns. When sealing up merchandise, wrapping food or protecting books for transport, a heat gun always gets the job done. Depending on the thickness of the wrapping material, just put your heat gun in the desired temperature and hover around the item.

5. Sanitizing

sterilizing tools

This doesn't come as a regular handy way to put your heat gun to use, but one of the most useful means. Although this is not in workshops of craftsmen, they tend to end up in laboratories and hospital. You can use your heat guns at extremely high temperature to sterilize tools for surgical purposes or some other uses.

6. Thaw Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes

If you live in countries where temperatures below zero degrees remain a norm, you cannot but have a heat gun in your home. For instance, you wake up in the morning to have your bath to go to work, and then you discover all your pipes are frozen. Do you call in sick? Or explain to your boss why you came in late. Save yourself the stress of having to explain and invest in the best beat heat gun.

Unfortunately, you cannot use heat guns on all types of pipes. Avoid PVC pipes or else you will end up melting them. Furthermore, you need to ensure you don't use your heat gun around wood or anything that catches flame easily. Hence, for your metal pipes, grab your heated up gun and move slowly and steadily over the length of the metal pipe.

7. Culinary Uses

Heat Gun Culinary Uses

Not just the woodworkers or welders can use heat guns efficiently. There exists a number of ways in which you can use your heat gun in the kitchen. For the bakers, you can use heat guns to melt sugar and even chocolate to take your baking to another top-notch level.

Additionally, you can use heat guns to toast marshmallows, breadcrumbs, sear meat, or crisp skin. Furthermore, you can make your home roasted whole coffee beans with heat guns. You just have to place the raw beans in a roasting pan and roast with your heat gun placed about an inch away from the surface. Since all you do revolves around stripping paint or shrink wrap, I'm pretty sure this handy way to put your heat gun to use sound strange.

8. Re-purposing Old Silverware


Sometimes, disposing off old things aren't the best to do. For instance, you can re-purpose your old silverware and turn them into interesting pieces and parts of your interior décor.

However, you can't do this without your heat gun. With your heat guns, you can bend the middle of the silverware into desired shapes. You can make rings, bracelets even wall hooks for hanging your pictures, all from your old silverware.

9. Removing Old Flooring

Old Flooring

Just like the adhesive softening example we described earlier, you can also remove old flooring with heat guns. This can be done since the floor tile is held to the sub-floor by adhesives like glues.

Heat guns make it easier to complete the job, due to the glue underneath loosens up, and then becomes flimsy as you heat the tile. Using a heat gun instead of trying to pry the floor up with a scraper will limit the sub-floor damage. 

10. Drying Wet Wood

Wet Wood

You can never undermine the importance of a heat gun in the workshop of a woodworker. With a wide range of applicable uses in woodworking, we will take a look at drying wet wood.

As a woodworker, you sometimes have to paint, file or even attach decorative parts to pieces of wood that has somehow become wet. With little or no time to waste, you can use your heat gun to dry the wood. At low heat temperature like 200 degrees Fahrenheit, just move the heat gun back and forth slowly over the surface you want to dry.

Most importantly, you wouldn't want to use the heat gun at high temperature or get too close and singe the wood. Therefore, be careful when performing this handy way to put your heat gun to use.

11. Melt Wax

Melting Wax

When the need arises to peel off candle wax on the floor of a room table or anywhere you don't want it, use a heat gun. Heat gun at the lowest temperature provides just enough heat to peel it off. Be careful not to damage the table as too much heat can singe the wood.

Furthermore, heat guns help when the wax left in old glass candle jars hits the bottom. You can use the heat gun to melt the wax and then pour into a different container to make a new candle. For people who spend much time in the art of meditation and other practices with the use of candles, this comes in really handy.

12. Clearing Foggy Headlights

foggy car headlight

This sounds funny, but I've actually seen a friend pull out his screwdriver to open up a headlamp and wipe it clean all because of fog. However, you don't need to go to this extent, with a heat gun you can easily clear foggy headlights. 

With a quick pass of the heat gun over the face of the headlamp, you"ll have it all cleared out. So, you don't have to put yourself up for stress like my friend, just invest in a heat gun.

13. Bending PVC/Metal Pipes

Bending Pipes

There exists a number of reasons to bend plastics and even metal. Maybe, for your DIY rafts, or as a plumber who needs to fit bigger pipes into smaller holes and a number of other reasons. As a sportsman, you might also want to change the shape of your sports equipment.

However, the use of a heat gun for these crafts stems from the ease at which it easily melts plastic and metals. 

14. Shrink Tubing

Shrink Tubing

This usage stems from the earlier discussed PVC pipe bending. Unlike in shrink wrapping where you shrink wrappings around boxes and other materials meant for packaging, you shrink insulation, shaped like tubes, around wires.

However, you can easily perform both shrink wrapping and shrink tubing using a heat gun. Unlike in shrinking wrapping where you determine suitable temperature yourself, in shrink tubing you have to exercise careful attitude.

Check the shrink tubing box for the minimum temperature required and then perform your duty at this temperature. Furthermore, when shrink tubing ensure you don't melt the wires in it.

15. Drying Paint

Drying Paint With Heat Gun

Usually, it takes quite some time for paints to dry and become cured. However, if you need to finish up things quickly and even work on the wall without messing the just concluded paint work you need a heat gun. When you don't have the luxury of time and patience, just put your heat gun in the lowest setting and heat up the paint to dry it faster.

Depending on the surrounding materials, you can always use a protector nozzle on your heat guns. Remember you can also use heat guns to strip paint of your wall. Therefore use the heat gun at its lower temperatures as you don’t want to end up stripping the paint rather than drying it.

16. Removing Old Wallpaper

Removing wallpaper

Of all the handy ways to put your gun to use, you need to exercise enough carefulness here. Heat gun help to remove old wallpapers from old wood chips most especially texture papers with several layers of water-resistant paper. The heat helps to melt the glue and burn the paper. Hence you have to perform this task at the correct temperature to avoid burning the wood.

17. Removing Dents

Removing Dents From Car

The number of handy ways to put your heat gun can go as long as you have an open mind to try out new ideas. Although not a day-to-day applicable use of the heat gun, removing dents is a great option. 

A heat gun alongside a can of air, helps to fix dents as long as the crease remains within a few inches long. With the heat gun, gently warm the dent area, blast the same area with the cool compressed air. This sudden expansion and cooling of the dent area causes it to pop out and restore it to its normal condition.

18. Wax A Surfboard, Skis, and Snowboard

surfboard wax using heat gun

Since you don’t naturally have wax in the molten state, you will need to heat it up before use. The easiest way to do this and prepare your equipment is through the use of a heat gun. Although not for everybody, the divers and sportsman find this really important.

19. Obtaining The Old Antique Look On Wood

Wood Furniture

Every woodworker can ascertain the fact that people pay a lot of money to obtain an old antique look on their furniture. However, you can save that extra cost by investing in a heat gun and aging your furniture yourself. You just have to move your heat gun over the wooden furniture, paying attention to the direction of the grain, moving gently and evenly.

20. Stretching Your Belt

Stretching Your Belt Using Heat Gun

The last on the list of handy ways to put your heat gun to use comes section many try to avoid talking about. Sometimes people gain weight and find it hard to make use of their formerly fitting belts. You can make use of your heat gun to apply heat evenly and then pull. This way, you’ll stretch the belt, and have more room for the extra weight without having to buy a new belt.


Although we have listed 20 different handy ways to put your heat guns to use, the list goes on. The world of DIY exists because of the numerous ways in which people’s mind works. For woodworkers, you can use the heat gun to age your wood, dry dampened wood, and perform many other activities.

Welders and other craftsmen have a number of ways in which they also put the heat gun to use. So if you have a heat gun in your possession, go head and start the journey and discover how valuable your heat gun is!