DWS779 vs DWS780 Miter Saws
Whats The Difference?




DeWalt remains one of the best manufacturers when it comes to power tools. Their tools have gained popularity among professionals because they work just as advertised. The essence of using miter saws depends on the user.

Some people desire to make precise cuts when working, while others may want  a more heavy duty cut . Although ideal for craftsmen and hobbyists as well, mitre saws remain easy and simple to use. 

Most times, as with other tools, there exists numerous products in the market and deciding on which to buy can be tiring. To help narrow down the excessive amount of miter saws, we have decided to compare the dws779 vs dws780 miter saws.

However; if your in a hurry take a look at our top pick to sum up the primary differences between the two.

In a Rush?

our top pick

DeWalt DWS779

Very similar to the DeWalt DWS780 model except half the price and doesn't include the Xps positioning System.

DeWalt DWS779- The Basics

Some of the most popular miter saws on the market today are the DWS779 vs DWS780 due to their excellent features.  The DWS779 remains a perfect tool both for hobbyists and professionals. Although beginners love it's user-friendliness, the professionals prefer the high precision and smooth operation it offers. From its introduction on the 26th of April 2016, it has remained a saw recording high sales year in year out.

Nonetheless, the reason it's rated so well is due to it being an all-around miter saw with lots of useful features. When talking about safety, it’s remains a good selection. Also, it’s good news for those who are less-experienced buyers or operators because most struggle to understand how miter saw works.

Consequently, some people get themselves injured in the process of trying to figure things out. In order to prevent serious injuries, ensure you understand the manual first, before using this machine for the first time.

The biggest benefit of using the DeWalt 779 is its versatility. In essence, you can use it for several applications. This you can do without worrying about compatibility and other irrelevant stuff. You should also know that it has an average rating of 4.7/5 among over 300 users.

Weighing a lot less than 100 pounds and supporting a wide range of product dimensions, it packs a serious punch.  Upon purchase, you’re provided with the mitre saw, carbide blade, blade wrench and the user manual.

For satisfaction purpose, DeWalt slaps a whopping 3-year warranty on the DeWalt 779.

Dws779  Review

As far as the design goes, the DeWalt 779 is a conventional and relatively standard saw weighing just 68 pounds. Its blade has the ability to tilt in both directions, thus allowing you to make precise cuts. The back fence has an incredible design that allows cuts up to 2x12 woods at 45 degrees and 2x16 woods at 90 degrees.

Furthermore, it features a powerful 15-amp motor which vibrates mildly. As a side note, the grip handle doesn’t have cushion and thus considered a downside. However, this exists as a thing you can overcome or get used to.

The DeWalt 779 is one of the coolest models of mitre saws to use. Because it has a setup that’s straightforward. Although it requires some assembly, the well-written and comprehensive manual ensures you can do this easily.


  • 15 Amp Motor
  • 3,800 RPM Maximum Speed
  • Exclusive Back Fence Design
  • 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Mechanism
  • 3 year Limited warranty

DeWalt DWS780 – The Basics

When it comes to our review on the DWS779 vs DWS780  miter saws, next up is the DeWalt Dws780. This specific model, has most of the features needed for a precise, smooth, and professional angle cuts. It features a 15-amp motor capable of delivering up to 3,800 RPM. Which is more than enough for a number of different applications.

For instance, crown molding is a popular operation with this machine because it can tilt from 0 to 45 degrees sideways. Although it’s an earlier version than the DeWalt 779, it's still a great miter saw since entering the market on June 8, 2011.

The measuring elements seen on this unit remain good as expected. Also, the miter base has a beautiful design and proper calibration. However; the safety features on the other hand don’t seem to work the best when compared to the Dewalt DWS779, but perform well regardless.

In addition to that the dual bevel system permits adjustments and fine-tuning without any difficulty whatsoever.

It weighs almost the same as the DeWalt 779 although 10 pounds lighter. Unlike the DeWalt DWS779 it has the attachments as additional parts. Shipping at just one color and size, it supports wider product dimensions.

For satisfaction purpose, DeWalt slaps a whopping 3-year warranty on this unit as well. Although an older version, it seems to have stood the test of time as it has an average rating of 4.4/5 with over 400 users.

Dws780 Review

On the contrary to the DeWalt DWS779, this model has a fairly conventional design having been in existence years before.  Also since there aren’t any impressive parts included you may need to buy some additional pieces depending on the scope of project.

The compatibility of this unit remains a desirable feature. In short, it weighs just 56 pounds meaning it’s portable and lighter than the DeWalt 780. Furthermore, it’s not a burden to move from one place to another. Take a look at the highlights of this miter saw below.


  • 15 Amp Motor
  • 3,800 RPM Maximum Speed
  • Integrated XPS cross cut positioning system
  • Increased Miter Capacity

Dws779 vs Dws780 Similarities and Differences In Design

Remember when deciding between the dws779 vs dws780 miter saws, the choice of selection depends on what you’ll be using the tool for. Therefore, when working in a dynamic environment, the DWS780 remains a good selection.

Just like the DeWalt 779, it can make cuts on 2x12 dimensional woods at 45 degrees and 2x16 at 90 degrees. In addition, both miter saws design appears to have a lot in common since both have 12” blades. 

However, there’s a slight difference noticed in the handles. The DeWalt 780 features a new handle design built for portability not seen in the DeWalt 779. Furthermore, the DeWalt 780 has a laser system for improved accuracy which isn’t included in the previous DeWalt model.

The measuring components on both saws works excellently. Also, the miter scale has a well-crafted design and the attention to details remain obvious. 

Lastly, the pre-made positive stops on the DeWalt 780 remains another unique feature. It helps to ease the hassle of finding the right angles. Instead, you just move the base to a proper position.

Dws779 vs Dws780 Comparison Chart


DeWalt DWS779

DeWalt DWS780


15 Amp

15 Amp


3,800 RPM

3,800 RPM




cut-line induction


Yes,  XPS Crosscut Alignment 

cutting capacity




Multipurpose Carbide Blade

Multipurpose Carbide Blade

Dust collection




The DeWalt 780 has satisfactory safety level. It’s definitely not the unit with best safety features, but it remains totally safe to use. As long as you stick to some of the elementary rules when it comes to using power tools.

The safety features seen on DeWalt 779 are pretty standard. It features a transparent blade guard that permits the supervision and control of the cuts at all times. Remember not to tamper with the blade guard because you risk severe injuries.

Dust collection

DeWalt guarantees up to 75% of dust extraction on the DeWalt 780. Although many mitre saws tend to struggle with collecting dust, this one does it efficiently. Also, it’s quite easy to set up the system because it has just one bag. All you have to do is mount it properly.

The DeWalt 779 has some dust collecting capabilities but they’re far from impressive. In fact, the only instrument for dust extraction is a dust bag. Although easy to mount like in the DeWalt 780, the difference in their efficiency is quite obvious.


We hoped our review on the dws779 vs dws780 miter saws gave you more insight between the two. The overall versatility of the DeWalt 780 makes it a worthy investment. It’s suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Ideally if you plan on having a more heavy duty workload, then the Dewalt Dws780 should be your choice.

The Dewalt DWS780 is a great all-around alternative for the expensive models. Although it doesn’t have all of the premium features, it offers enough power and versatility for several applications and projects. Compactness remains one of the features that caught our eye.

It’s remarkably light and easy to carry around. In other words, if you’re searching for portability, you should consider this unit. 

In addition, the Dewalt DWS779 is loved for precision and versatilityOne simply doesn't expect this much accuracy at this price range.

When it comes to the cost between the dws779 vs dws780 models the Dewalt Dws779 take's that matchup. The DeWalt 779 costs are more affordable and offer more bang for your buck. While the DeWalt Dws799 remains an affordable machine, it still retained some of its more premium features.

The 12-inch blade in addition to the 15-amp motor remains a perfect recipe for smoothness and sheer power. Because the DeWalt 780 machine requires assembly, misaligned units remain a pretty common occurrence.

On the other hand, some people find the DeWalt 799 model heavy. The other disadvantage with the DeWalt Dws799 remains the inefficient dust collection. In the end, your selection should be based on careful consideration of the pros and cons of each unit.