Best Hot Glue Gun 2019:
Which Glue Gun Should You Buy?

Best Glue Gun

There exist a lot of options when it comes to joining things such as paper, wood, leather, plastic, and other objects together. You can make use of the normal glue stick, heat guns, or other types of adhesive. 

Nonetheless, hot glue stands as a preferred choice by many people because of several reasons. Unfortunately, in making arts and crafts or fixing household items, you cannot do without a hot glue gun.

Glue guns exist as devices that heat and melt sticks of polymer to give a warm, flexible liquid glue. Consequently, the glue dries up to give a very strong and efficient adhesive. This adhesive then becomes strong enough to patch-up household goods and toys. In fact you can use it to hold electrical appliances together.

As you can already tell from the name, hot glue creates a stronger bond when related with the cold types. However people prefer to use hot glue guns for several reasons. Firstly because it has an additional feature; the gun trigger which allows to take control and apply the glue to the designated areas of your choosing.

Also hot glue gun decreases your chances of getting hurt by the glue. Consequently, your skin doesn't have direct contact with the glue due to the build design of the tool.

Most importantly, it remains a versatile tool for craftsmen using just about any common materials like plastics and paper. This is why many has referred to glue guns as "the most useful, popular and frequently-used household tool".

However, with numerous glue guns on the market, to choose the right one for you can seem overwhelming. Luckily, you only have to keep a few things in mind as you look for the best glue gun.

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Cobiz Full Size Dual Power Glue Gun Kit



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How To Use A Hot Glue Gun

What To Look For In A Hot Glue Gun

When making purchase for a hot glue gun, you must know what you need it for exactly. The kind of projects you want to take on stand as a very vital factor. Whether small repairs around the home or for professional need, you must identify clearly what you need the tool for.

Having identified the basic need for the tool, you will then have to think through the following features to make a wise decision on the best hot glue gun.


Initially, the first hot glue guns to hit the market operated at just a single temperature. However, since melting the glue is the goal, many models don’t feature adjustable settings. So, as modifications and improvements were made to the tools, some of the products started featuring adjustable temperature settings. Nevertheless, the standard glue gun works at a temperature range of 350°-390°F.

However, skilled professionals know that single temperature level doesn't suffice for some duties. For instance, high heat remains ideal for glass, wood, and metal. On the other hand, lower temperature remains the best for lace and fabric.

Remember, the task you want to take on goes a long way in determining your choice of tool. For a serious DIY enthusiast, get the best glue gun with adjustable settings

Trigger feed or manual feed

Another vital feature to think through is the type of trigger you want. You need to decide whether you want a trigger-fed gun or a push-fed model.

In the trigger feed operation all you need do is slip the glue stick into the space provided at the back of the gun. So, every time you pull the trigger, the stick advances into the heater and comes out through the nozzle as melted glue.

On the other hand, trigger-free models remain simpler and easier to operate. To operate this model type, just push the glue stick with your thumb


The quantity of glue you will make use of determines the size of your glue gun. For instance, a mini gun remains an ideal choice for detail work and precision. On the contrary you should consider buying a  larger or full-size gun for joining wood or even carpeting.

Once again, the project to take on will determine the size of hot glue gun to purchase. Glue guns that stand somewhere in-between small and large sizes remain the most versatile. And in most cases, you can use them for all kinds of projects. Mostly useful for buyers or craftsmen that intend to use it only on a few occasions.


Like with most power tools, the power rating remains another important factor to consider. On the average, most tools operate between 60W and 100W. Hot glue guns with the lowest power rating work at 20W while the highest as seen on this list works at 200W.

In essence, the more watts it uses, the faster it will heat your glue sticks. Another thing to consider is whether or not your gun features a power cord. 

Cordless glue guns allow you to work in any area and get into difficult spots. Since they operate using a battery, they have a limitation with regards to how long it can work before needing to recharge the battery.

On the other hand, Corded models will always work as long as you keep them connected to a power source. Unfortunately, you will remain tied to the wall, so consider it as a trade-off.

However, to present you with the best of both worlds, some guns have a cord that you can unplug. This means you can switch between the two models depending on what you want.

Top 11 Glue Guns Reviews

Cobiz Full Size Dual Power Glue Gun Kit 

Cobiz believes "everyone stand as the DIY talent in life". This unit stands as a full-size product and one of the best hot glue gun that accommodates glue stick sizes of 7/16 inches. Also it has gained popularity for giving consistent performance plus adjustable temperature settings.

Due to its adjustable feature, you can use it on delicate materials requiring low temperatures and rugged tasks that require more heat. Furthermore, you can choose between 100W and 60W power settings. Thanks to the LED light feature, you can always tell when the device is on hence reduce the chances of getting burnt. Unfortunately, it cannot work well in dark areas as it doesn’t have LED lights to tackle this.

This device also has a balanced feel on the hand and this helps when it comes to completing projects accurately. It has an ergonomic design made with high quality plastic and proper size. You can depend on it for fast heating times between 1 and 3 minutes because of the German ceramic PTC thermal heating system it has.

This system comes in handy when you need a hold of the glue but can’t wait for the long warm-up time.


  • Variance in power settings
  • Extremely durable product
  • Fast warm-up time
  • Adjustable temperature settings


  • Not the most versatile for stick sizes
  • No LED light for dark environment

TopElek Mini Glue Gun Kit

As you can already tell from the name, this unit exists as mini glue gun. It features an on/off switch and tiny pieces like buttons, rhinestones, and electronics. Therefore, making it the perfect device for smaller tasks. The compact glue gun permits you to work occasionally by simply flipping the switch, although the unit remains connected to the power source.

You can simply turn it on to access the glue rapidly. It stands as an exceptional mini glue gun since not so many models offer this functionality. Furthermore, it features LED light to notify you whether the device is on or not.

Additionally, it has a factory-built stand which remains fairly stable and handy when the device isn’t in use. It offers a 20W power supply and can work with glue sticks of size 5/16 inches. Furthermore, the 3-5 minutes’ quick heat up ensures appropriate use of time.

Uniquely, the smart temperature control feature enables it to keep the glue at a hot temperature for a while. Also, it has trigger propulsion offering proper control of the glue flow, helping you save a lot of glue.



  • Very precise for smaller tasks
  • LED light
  • Lightweight, portable, and easy to fit in tight spaces
  • On/off switch


  • Not ideal for larger projects
  • Less power than other models

PROkleber Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit

The PROkleber hot glue gun craft comes with 12 pieces of glue sticks alongside the carrying bag. This gun stands as an ideal choice for Arts & Crafts projects, quick patch-up or sealing in your home, and simple woodworking task.

Furthermore, it exists as a lightweight and heavy duty hot glue gun. Hence, suitable for both beginners and professionals. It works effectively with many materials including, wood, metal, glass, plastic, paper, rubber, ceramic, leather and many more.

The design features a body made of metal (Aluminum) and sturdy plastic meeting the German standard quality. So you can use it for a long time as it has a long lasting durable life. This glue gun features 100-watt power motor producing high heat temperature. Due to the high power it generates, it has fast melting capability within 2-3 minutes.

This hot glue gun comes with 50 inches of long cable which gives you enough room to work more freely. It has 0.07-0.11” of nozzle diameters so it can work for various kinds of projects. It has gained popularity as one of the best hot glue guns because of the easy and comfortable usage.

So it guarantees a quick & reliable operation with strong adhesive. The gun kit features 12 glue sticks for improved performance. The comfortable grip and trigger fits in your hand perfectly. So, it remains an ideal choice for all ages of people.


  • Fast melting within 2-3 minutes
  • Offers 0.07-0.11 inches of nozzle diameters
  • Contains 12 pieces of glue stick set
  • 100-Watt power produces a high temperature
  • Effective with most of the material


  • This hot glue gun should have more sticks

Surebonder CL-800F Cordless Glue Gun

The most important discrepancy about this gun (besides the fact that it’s cordless), is the addition of a charging stand. All other models we have reviewed use a kickstand to keep the gun upright when not in use, but the CL-800F features a full-size stand. This stand doesn’t only keep the gun ready but charges it at the same time when not in use

This system has a benefit in that it keeps everything together, but you cannot just set the gun down anywhere like the counterpart kickstand model.

This model remains an ideal selection for almost all arts and crafts projects that need hot temperatures. The high heat ensures you can use the gun with glass, leather, wood, and most other porous surfaces. In fact, it can even perform well on non-porous surfaces like metal or plastic.

Furthermore, this model features an easy to use on/off switch and functions without a cord. In essence, you can glue whenever and wherever you want. The nozzle also has insulation which helps to prevent accidental burns.


  • Fast heating
  • Quick charging
  • Hot temperatures
  • Insulated nozzle
  • Trigger mechanism


  • Durability issues
  • Only cordless for a few minutes

Chandler Tool Mini Glue Gun - 25 Watt

The Chandler Tool glue gun exists as a lightweight and portable selection.  Additionally, it has 25 bonus glue sticks. Although it has little power rating, it heats up to 25 Watts and features several safety features. Some of these safety features include, a patented base stand.

Furthermore, it has a unique “stand up base” and traditional wire stand to offer you enough comfortability. Also, the Chandler Tool CT25 Stand-Up Glue Gun has full UL-certification making it a safe choice to purchase. The design seen on this unit shows it was built to last.

It features a body made from top-quality impact-resistant plastic & an all-metal precision heating element. Since it is a smaller light-weight glue gun, consider it as a good choice for small craft projects or as a replacement tool. Unfortunately, the power rating cannot handle larger projects. However, some users complained of dripping and flow-back issues

Overall, this unit remains an effective tool for small duties and the safety features on this glue gun can give you peace of mind. Suggested for crafters who need a smaller gun, lightweight and easy to use with one hand.


  • Patented base stand
  • Energy efficient design
  • American brand & lifetime warranty
  • 25 glue stick


  • Flow-back after releasing the trigger
  • The glue drips even while preheating
  • Flimsy stand and the gun can easily topple over

Cobiz Hot Glue Gun with LED Lights

This stands as the second product by Cobiz to make this review list. Unlike some products in the market, this exists as a full size glue gun, not mini. Furthermore, the build quality screams heavy duty all the way with the durable and sturdy appearance.

Cobiz built this unit, to offer the illumination experience like no other tool, by equipping them with LED lights. The LED lights make up for the absence seen in the other product from Cobiz to make the list.  Furthermore, the pure copper nozzle gives less than 2 minutes to heat up. The Ergonomic design in addition to the suitable size makes it comfortable to handle and use.

Since you can adjust between 60W and 100W, this glue can take on all your duties with wide range versatility. Also, it works perfectly on materials like metal, wood, glass, fabric, plastic, ceramics and so on.

Talking about it's operation, the inbuilt design features an internal safety fuse that avoid overheating to make it very safe to use. With safety at its peak and adjustable energy usage, it remains an ideal adhesive for home, office & school arts and crafts projects. Unlike in the other Cobiz product, this unit doesn’t feature a built-in stand.

Although built with durability in mind, for satisfaction purposes, the product ships with warranty for 3 years. This becomes initiated on the day of purchase.


  • Adjustable 60/100W setting
  • LED light
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Dripping even on low heat setting
  • No on/off button

Gorilla 8401515 Hot Glue Gun and Sticks, Orange

Gorilla’s product made it to this review list, although the product just hit the market late into 2018. You can already guess why, the product must have something special for this quick popularity and fame gained. The Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Glue Gun exists as an ideal tool for crafts and quick patch ups.

It has a lightweight build, with a comfort grip and an in-built stand making one of the easiest to use. It features an easy squeeze trigger and long insulated nozzle, both of which allows for precise application of glue on whatever project you take on. Additionally, the trigger offers comfort as the length of the handle ensures you can squeeze with more fingers.

Since safety remains paramount, this unit features some unique parts. They include, the insulated nozzle which prevents burns. In addition, it has integrated safety fuse to keep your device from overheating. Still talking about safety, it features a cord protector that prevents cord from shorting out and the integrated stand keeps the nozzle away from your work surface.


  • Lightweight and heavy-duty build
  • Precision nozzle
  • Easy squeeze trigger
  • Enhanced safety features


  • Doesn’t stand well
  • Takes smaller sticks sometimes difficult to find

Tacklife GGO20AC Mini Hot Glue Gun 

This product becomes added to the review of mini glue guns on this list. Regardless, it heats up quickly and melts the glue rapidly within 3-5 minutes. Furthermore, it provides a steady and constant stream of glue upon request, for DIY projects, as well as small arts & craft makings.

Unlike one of Cobiz ‘s products missing a separate ON/OFF switch, Tacklife found a way to include it. Furthermore, it features LED indicator which remains convenient and comes in handy in dark work areas.

Consequently, it saves time because you don’t have to plug/unplug it frequently. Also it has a removable stand support which keeps the gun stable and upright. With the trigger propulsion you can control the glue flow consistently to save glue sticks.

Furthermore, it has an ergonomic design and makes you less fatigued from using it for long periods of time. It comes with 30 pieces of hot glue sticks. These pieces remain environmental-friendly to adhere well and have easy cleaning properties to protect your health and items. For satisfaction purposes, it offers 24 months’ warranty.


  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • User friendly glue sticks
  • Automatic overheat protection
  • Specially built melted glue leakage prevention


  • Not suitable for larger projects
  • Doesn’t adhere well until heated properly

Blusmart Upgraded Mini Hot Glue Gun

Blusmart exists as one of the latest brands to make a name for themselves when it comes to producing tools for home improvements. As we have discussed earlier on, size goes a long way in the type of tool to purchase. However, this unit from Blusmart is a mini gun, this implies it's perfect for art and craft works with small items.  

As with most hot glue guns, it features a quick warm up feature. However for this model, it takes about 2-5 minutes to warm up.  This feature comes in handy as it doesn't consume time when needed for quick projects. Furthermore, the small size offers comfortability and ease of use.

Since safety of the user remains a priority, Blusmart has included a number of effective features. These features include LED light mode which flashes in times of insecurity. These feature comes in handy in instances when the temperature becomes too high. This prevents you from any kind of blister or hurt to your skin. on the other hand, it helps to keep the gun safe and consequently use if for a long time.

Additionally it features 30 pieces of glue sticks, and strong adhesives for all form of DIY projects. The power rating stands at 20W meaning you can use it effectively for your craft construction and repairs.  The Blusmart company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee or cashback policy which should tell you the confidence Blusmart has in its product.


  • Less heating time
  • Long lasting and durable build
  • Efficient safety features
  • Refunding policy


  • Cannot handle heavy-duty tasks
  • Glue comes out slowly occasionally

AdTech Minit Hot Glue Gun For Safe Crafting Kids

Sometimes all you need is a glue gun that won't be too hot for delicate materials like Floral, Styrofoams or Fabrics. This unit from AdTech ensures that all your low-temperature needs are met. Therefore for your small crafts and home repairs you can consider the AdTech Low-Temp glue gun.

This unit features a quality plastic build at least amongst products of this size. As you can already tell, being a mini gun, it is light and very portable. The mini gun features a 5ft long cord that supports the 120V glue gun.

The power rating stands at 10Watts, although very low, it remains best for small duties. Furthermore, it accepts only  glue sticks with diameter of 0.28-Inch. Unfortunately, it doesn't have an LED light to notify user of the state of the device whether on/off.

In addition, it has a small trigger that can become easily clutched by a finger. The nozzle seen on this unit isn't the best in the market , however it works efficiently. Overall, this device remains the best for small crafts, increased safety and for use by children. Unfortunately, the glue when hot can be harmful so, users should be on the lookout for dripping glues.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Perfect for small and delicate materials
  • Inexpensive


  • Cannot handle heavy task
  • Low power rating
  • Glue drips occasionally

Ryobi P305 One+ 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Hot Glue Gun

Ryobi has grown to become a household name when it comes to power tools. This is because  of the sheer quality their products exude. Furthermore, this unit adds to the number of cordless power tools already on this review list.

As you would expect from all Ryobi power tools, the grip features a rubber hex textured handle. The textured grip ensures you can hold on to the device even in the most slippery conditions. Furthermore, Ryobi places the full control of this unit in your hands as it features a trigger large enough to be squeezed with 2 fingers.

Ryobi says if you use a 4-amp battery with this unit, it would run for a full 3 1/2 hours without recharging. However, due to the wide range of battery types on the market, you 'd better make use of the recommended battery type.

For safety purposes, this unit has an LED light indicator which informs the user of the state of the device. Uniquely, it features three sticks of multipurpose glue which allows you to take on any duty upon purchase.


  • Cordless power tool
  • Safety features
  • Long lasting battery
  • Easy to grip trigger
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Occasional short lasting battery life.

AdTech 0189 pro 200 industrial glue gun, full size heavy Duty

The Pro200 gun from Adhesive Technologies becomes the last product on this review list. The build quality features a tool housing entirely made of plastic. Also it comes equipped with 2 flip-down metal stands for suitable placement of the glue gun on your worktop.

Unfortunately, the gun has cords, hence more practical for use in the same place. Although corded, you can still maneuver the gun flipping the stand up as you desire. This device doesn’t have a power switch, which simply means the tool turns on only when it's plugged in. Although this provides a bit of inconvenience, the tool works effectively. When powered on, it takes this unit only 3 minutes to heat up, and it becomes ready to melt and apply the glue.

The model can work with ½ inches sticks at a capacity higher than that of many other units we have reviewed. The trigger alone counts for a lot and adds to the already comfortable device. It has enough width to pull it with 4 fingers, so you can easily squeeze the glue out.

When talking about performance, the gun delivers 200W and can heat the glue up to 410°F. This high power rating allows you to glue together metal, wood, polymeric materials, etc. The gun can produce nearly 3.5 pounds of hot melt adhesive in an hour and quickly applies it over the work surface.

In short, the Adhesive Technologies gun stands as a perfect tool for all experienced workmen and DIY enthusiasts. Supplying high power and heating temperature, the model can do more than you could expect.


  • Powerful 200 Watt
  • Uses Full-Size,( 0.44 inch) Glue Sticks
  • Comfortable 4-Finger Trigger
  • 3 Minute Warm-Up Time
  • Sturdy Base Stand
  • High-Quality Shell


  • Sometimes too hot for some materials
  • Drips occasionally through the case


Having said that choosing the best hot glue gun that justifies the needs of your project can prove difficult. This review and buying guide should actually act as step in the right direction. Do to sighting the necessary requirements to be on the look our for, and also providing you with 11 different products to start your research with.

However, the most important factors to consider remain the size and temperature range of the hot glue gun.

The type of material you will work on should help in determining the temperature range you will require. Consequently, the duration of each task or the amount of adhesive to use will help in selecting the tool with the right size.

The best hot glue gun should also have the the right size, right temperature settings (adjustable or not) to get the job done. Furthermore, the right power rating and the appropriate feed type for your project. Most importantly, a review of your project(s) goes a long way in making the right choice of glue gun to purchase.

It is important to note that our choice for the best hot glue gun has got to be the Cobiz Dual Power Glue Gun for its size, temperature, and efficiency at an affordable price. Regardless, all the products reviewed stand as the best of all others in the market based on our findings.