Best Cordless Hammer Drill: Which One Should You Buy Today?

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Our website has remained true to producing top-notch contents for all craftsmen to keep them updated with the latest information and to serve as a guide. However, for our devotees who have read our previous post, best cordless hammer drill doesn't sound strange as we have mentioned this device a few times. However, for the newbies, a hammer drill stands as a tool used to drill into hard surfaces like concrete and cement. Hammer drills employ a different mechanism of action and still remains a powerful tool.

Furthermore, it has a more direct forward force just like a hammer. Hammer drills operate using either the “electro-pneumatic” or “cam-action” hammering processes. In cam-action drills, the chuck and bit move backward and forwards on the axis of rotation. Contrary to this, electro-pneumatic hammering is used by rotary hammers.

Here, air pressure transfers the energy, thus the piston and hammer never touch. However, the hammer action remains attributed to a special clutch that delivers around 30,000bpm (500/second). The hammer action moves the chuck in and out and pounds the material being drilled. As pounding continues, it breaks the material to ensure effective drilling activity.

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Cordless Rotary Hammer Drills

Worker with electrical hammer cleaning red brick wall outdoor

Similar to the hammer drills, you can also use a rotary hammer drill to drill holes on concretes or other tough materials. With a more user-friendly build, it helps to make drilling duties as easy as possible. However, there exists a difference between these the hammer drills and the rotary hammer drills.

Unlike the hammer drill, the rotary hammer has more efficiency attached to its workings. Largely because it does not just rotate to drill. The rotary hammer drill makes use of a push and pull motion which produces high impact. The high impact definitely allows for quick and easy workings of the too as it creates holes.

Some of the other uses of rotary hammer drills include the following:


Rotary hammer drills stand as a power tool that produces enough force to break down different material types. In fact, some contractors and professionals make use of this tool during demolition tasks to break down walls. Craftsmen sometimes want to perform their duties cleanly without any difficulty. If you fall into this category, you need to equip your arsenal with a rotary hammer drill.

For instance, when fitting new windows onto a concrete wall, you should use a rotary hammer drill to perform this ask cleanly. Furthermore, the power of a rotary hammer drill makes use of different motions types coupled with the pressure it applies. Hence, you can break down all types of materials including concretes, blocks, brick and tiles. For added versatility, you can also use this tool in the somewhat odd positions.

When Drilling Holes in Woods

Due to the three setting feature it has, you can decide on which setting to use. For instance, when using the rotary hammer drill in the drilling only setting, you can bore holes into woods.

Furthermore, when compared to the normal drill, rotary hammer drills perform drilling duties with the minimum effort. Unlike in the hammer drill, you can complete your job without making use of maximum manpower and yet get a better result.

When Placing Pins, Anchor Bolts Plumbing, and Dowels

Taking into consideration already mentioned features, like making clean drills and working efficiently with minimum effort is key. When you need to place bolts for doors or cabinets on walls or any other décor you can always rely on the cordless hammer drill. This is because it doesn’t need you to apply pressure on it, or push the device to its limit as it can easily perform the task.

SDS Drill Chuck

Drill bits. Set of SDS bore for rotary hammer

When you make use of the best hammer drills and rotary hammers, you can easily perform your drilling duties. However, the rotary hammer drills have an SDS chuck, which makes them more efficient at hammering duties. Talking about the origin of the name SDS, the exist numerous claims as to what it actually means.

Although the most widely known meaning is ‘Slotted Drive System’ many believe it has a German origin. The original German phrase ‘steck, dreh, sitzt’ is believed to be the inspiration for this name. It however actually translates to ‘insert, twist, fits’.

In essence, the ‘Slotted Drive System’ means that SDS+ drill bits come with in-built slot which fit into the chuck of an SDS + drill at the end of the shank.

What To look for in the best Cordless Hammer Drill

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Over the course of the read, it's no news that any craftsman without this tool will probably develop interest and would want to add this unit to their toolkit. However, purchasing the best cordless hammer drill doesn’t come easy. This is because, there exists a number of features to look out for in these tools, some of which when the wrong decisions are made can affect the efficiency and productivity of the craftsman greatly. Some of the features to look out for in the best cordless hammer drill include:

The motor: (brushless vs non-brushless)

What you will find on most cordless hammer drills are the brushless motors. This becomes a common replacement for the conventional brushed or non-brushless motors. The brushless motor technology otherwise referred to as the as the ‘smart’ motor functions differently from its counterparts. Brushless motors make use of an electric circuit board attached to the shaft of the motor and stands as the major source of current to the armature coils. Unlike in the brushed motors which make use of the brushes (little carbon filament blocks).

In brushed motors, all you have is two brushes attached to the commutator of the shaft directly. However, when you power on the machine the commutator passes electric current from the brushes (source of its generation) to the motor’s armature. Unfortunately, since the brushes remain in constant contact with the commutator, a lot of wear and tear occur due to friction. This contributes to the considerably quick breakdown of the machine.

Therefore, the brushless motors offer a longer usage period than the brushed motors. Unfortunately, the longer lasting life comes at an additional cost since they involve a more complex technology of the electric circuit and the sensors.

RPM, Torque, BPM

Probably the most important factors or one of those you cannot but want to ensure you don’t get wrong. The Torque, RPM, and BPM remain important factors that you need to pay close attention to if you want the best cordless hammer drill. In simple terms, the torque rating refers to the twisting power of the drill. This means the higher the torque rating of the drill, the more twisting action you should expect from the machine.

However, there exists a number of classes amongst the torque rating to opt for. This largely depends on the project at hand. For instance, if you drill deep holes more frequently, you will need to purchase the best rotary hammer drill with higher torque. Similarly, BPM and RPM refer to the drilling speed of a particular unit. RPM plays a more important role in basic hammer drills where higher RPM means stronger hammering action.

On the contrary, the BPM lay a vital role in the best rotary hammer drills. In general, RPM rages between 1200-1500 remains perfect for medium-heavy duty jobs. However, for a more powerful device, you should purchase units with an RPM rating of over 2000.

The Battery

Since we are dealing with cordless tools here, you would expect to get them powered by a battery. In essence, opt for units with longer lasting batteries. This means a stronger battery translates to more drilling power.

Unfortunately, the stronger batteries weigh considerably more and will corner heavier weight on the tool. For all your medium-heavy duty projects, you can always make use of an 18v or 20v battery.

However, for more professional uses as in industrial applications, you will need to purchase more powerful batteries at 36v. Additionally, always checks if the drill accessory pack comes with a two-pack battery. This comes in really handy when working with the best cordless hammer drills. Largely because you can make use of one battery while you keep charging the other and vice Versa. 

Ergonomics and Design

Talking about ergonomics and design of the best cordless hammer drills, you need to purchase a unit that will not cause you fatigue. Hence, you need to take note of the key fatigue factors: balance and vibration. Therefore, before you spend a dime on the best cordless hammer drill, you should ensure it feels comfortable and balances well.

Always not that an out-of-balance or rough-running hammer drill will increase fatigue for the user which means you cannot carry the tool for long duration projects. In addition always opt for grease, not oil, lubrication to avoid uneven lubrication of the tool as you can have at the rear end f the tool as in the case of oil lubrication.

The 11 Best Cordless Hammer Drills Review List

1. DEWALT DCD996B  20V MAX XR 3-Speed Hammer Drill (Tool Only)

DEWALT DCD996B Bare Tool 20V MAX XR Lithium Ion Brushless 3-Speed Hammer Drill (Tool Only)

This stands as the first unit to make the review list of the best cordless hammer drills. Since this unit comes from a popular brand and one that has grown to become a household name, you should expect nothing short of top-notch quality. However, it belongs to the MAX -XR series and remains one of the best cordless hammer drills out their.

This unit runs on a brush-less 20V motor, which means the DCD996B remains a machine for both the professional contractors and home users. Unfortunately, you won't find many homeowners choosing this unit due to the relatively high price. The brushless system has a number of advantages over the regular motor types. It is a lot more energy efficient which means you’ll have more running time with the battery. Furthermore, it has an overall lower working temperature, thanks to the efficient motor 3-speed gearbox.

Furthermore, it features a 3-speed transmission of high performance. This feature allows you to make use of the machine for a wide range of tasks conferring enough versatility o this unit. However, in its fastest setting, it can produce up to 38,250BPM providing enough power for optimum performance. Hence, you can use this unit to either drill ¼-inches holes through hard concrete or fasten screws into light wood.

In addition, it has a relatively low weight, which means you can use this unit for long and not become fatigued. It features a detachable 360 degrees mobile side handle which makes handling easy for high torque operations. Furthermore, it has an LED light that you can adapt to whatever task you’re working on with three modes of operation. Overall, this stands as one of the best cordless hammer drills to opt for as a serious craftsman


  • Very reliable brand
  •  57% energy efficiency due to the brushless motor
  •  High-performance 3-speed transmission
  •  Multi-mode LED light and bit holder
  •  Lightweight and portable


  • Expensive
  • Battery and charger sold as separate units


2. DEWALT DCH273B 20v Max Brushless SDS Rotary Hammer (Tool Only)

DEWALT DCH273B  20v Max Brushless SDS Rotary Hammer  (Tool Only)

This stands as the second unit from DeWalt to make this review list of the best cordless hammer drill. Largely because, DeWalt remains a reliable and popular brand, hence you should be shocked to not see some of their products in this review list. However, if you see a machine that delivers enough torque like the corded counterparts, you should urn to this unit. This unit stands as one of the best cordless hammer drills that deliver enough working power.

Popular among power tool users not only because of this sheer powerful performance, but it also has a number of other amazing features. Like the previous DeWalt unit, it features the brush-less motor type. This means, would have extended running time, longevity and long lasting device.

Also, it provides up to 2.1 joules impact energy, a rating which has enough capability to take on most drilling tasks. In fact, many users have made claims that this unit produces power as if it was a corded tool. Furthermore, it features active vibration control which helps to reduce the effect of vibration on the user. Hence, with this unit, you will have more working accuracy and less fatigue.

In addition to the already long list of features, it has a retractable utility hook which makes hanging for storage easy. For optimal performances, you should use this tool within the set limits and standard values. For instance, it only provides up to 1,100 RPM at no load speed. Furthermore, it cannot exceed the 4,600BPM limit and has an optimal Concrete Drilling of about 5/32 - 1/2 inches. In general, this unit stands as one of the best cordless hammer drills every craftsman should have.


  •  Extended run-time due to the brushless motor
  •  Top-notch durability
  • The Active vibration control feature.
  •  Provides enough power for all projects
  •  It provides the ideal level of shock resistance
  • 3-year warranty


  •  Heavy when compared to other units at 6.19 pounds

3. WORX WX176L 20V Switch driver 2-in-1 Cordless Drill and Driver 

WORX WX176L 20V Switchdriver 2-in-1 Cordless Drill and Driver with Rotating Dual Chucks and 2-Speed Motor with Precise Electronic Torque Control

This unit from Worx stands as the third unit to make the list of our best cordless hammer drill reviews. Just like DeWalt, Worx remains another brand known for durable and long-lasting, high-quality power tools. However, this unit doesn’t stand as an exception as it carries on the trend of this tradition. The Worx Switch driver 2-in-1 has an excellent build quality and you can refer to it as a professional-grade cordless drill.

Powered by the 20 V lithium battery with quick charge functionality, this little beast can take on any project. The quick charge functionality ensures this battery become quickly and easily charged in less than 30 minutes. Furthermore, it has a compact design and weighs only 3.1 pounds. In fact, this model stands as one of the best cordless hammer drills in term of weight if not the best.

In addition to the lightweight, the great handling and ergonomics make this unit extremely maneuverable. The major feature on this unit revolves around the 2-in1 functionality of the machine. This means it can perform both as a drill driver and a fastening device. This it can do with its 2-speed mechanism that works as a drilling and a fastening device.

Furthermore, it has a much smaller 1/4-inches chuck size for craftsmen who work mostly with smaller 1/4-inches drill bit shanks. In addition to his, it has a rotating head which helps to make replacing bits easy and less time-consuming. Lastly, it becomes powered by a 20V battery which powers the drill and also illuminates dark work spaces with its LED light.


  • Rotating dual chuck platform.
  • Easy to control.
  • Interchangeable and versatile battery types.
  • Ergonomic and durable design.
  • Supports smaller 1/4 inch drill bit shank
  • Powerful dual 20V battery straight out of the box


  • No auto-shutoff feature on battery
  • Difficulty removing the battery

4. DEWALT DCH273P2 20V Max Brushless SDS Rotary Hammer with 5 Ah Batteries

DEWALT DCK233P2 20V MAX XR Brushless 1'' SDS PLUS Rotary Hammer and Impact Driver Kit

It's no longer news that DeWalt has grown to become a household name due to their high-quality tools. This explains why this unit stands as the third unit from the popular brand to make the list of the best cordless hammer drills reviewed. Just like the previous DeWalt models, it features a brushless motor.

The motor provides enough power and thus guarantees more run-time and long-lasting usage. Unlike in other units where you have to purchase the battery and charger as separate units, this comes with them. The DeWalt DCH273P2 comes with two sets of Max batteries each with a rating of 5.0Ah. Thus you should expect to have a long running time without extra cost.

Like the Worx unit, t also features an active counter vibration which helps to reduce fatigue during use and also enhance accuracy. Designed for optimal comfort during usage and sheer performance, it generates about 2.1 J of energy. Furthermore, it features a utility hook which makes storage after usage very easy. This unit stands as one of the best cordless hammer drills for every craftsman and homeowners.

With the powerful motor, it can generate up to 4600BMP, enough to bore holes in light concrete and wood. At no-load speed, this rotary hammer drill can deliver up to 1100 RPM and also adjust to suit your projects. Uniquely, it features a dust collector that works swiftly, safely and efficiently. Lastly, it features LED light just like other models to make dark work spaces visible.


  •  Extended run-time.
  •  Vibration control.
  •  Amazing battery life.
  •  High torque power and speed.
  • 3-year warranty.


  • Not suited for heavy drilling.
  • Slightly heavy than other units.
  •  Relatively expensive price.

5. Makita HR2475 1-Inch D-Handle Rotary Hammer

Makita HR2475 1" Rotary Hammer, Accepts Sds-Plus Bits (D-Handle)

The list of the best cordless hammer drills continues with a rather distinctive unit from Makita. Makita doesn't sud strange to ost craftsmen and professional contractors, however, this comes at a cost. At the cost of always producing high-end power tools, although coming behind behind a few rather well-known brands like DeWalt and Bosch. Makita designs their hammer drills to produce hard-hitting performance, more productivity, and less vibration during usage.

One of the few distinct things about this unit remains the fact that Makita powers their tools with their own motors. Hence, his unit becomes powered by the powerful Makita Motor Advantage. This has a number of features seen only in this type of motors like the field core interlocking steel laminations and the dual ball bearing armature. In addition to this, it features more copper commutator bars and increasing energy transfer efficiency. All these features coupled together helps to make this unit a powerful one and also to have long lasting usage.

For added performance, it features a torque limiting clutch which helps to prevent gear damage. This feature also prevents the unit from personal bodily harm as it automatically disengages the gears if the bit binds. Uniquely, it has a sequential impact timing which helps to deliver timed hammering during rotation. These features add to the rather better performance as it minimizes overlapping bit impacts which result in up to 50% increase in drilling speed.

In order to have control over the speed of the machine, it has constant speed control. This automatically applies more power to the motor to keep the speed running even under more load to complete difficult and demanding projects. Lastly, it has a powerful 7.0 AMP motor that produces up to 1,100 RPM & 4,500 BPM.


  • D handle design with rubberized soft grip for added comfort
  • Has a constant speed control
  • Built-in torque limiter protects the gear and the user
  • Sequential impact timing for increased drilling speed
  • Powerful motor for sheer performance


  • Less durability
  • Faulters during super heavy-duty tasks

6. DEWALT DCD796D2 20V Max Bl Hammer Drill

DEWALT DCD796D2 20V Max Bl Hammer Drill

No one gets tired of quality products, this is why there is another unit from DeWalt. It makes our list of the best cordless hammer drills because of a number of unique features not mentioned on other DeWalt units. It features an ultra-compact lightweight design hence, you can easily manoeuver the Dewalt DCD796 XR. Also referred to as a Bi hammer drill because it has a metal transmission with two speeds. Hence it can function as a drill driver and a hammer.

Furthermore, it has a 15-point adjustable torque control which helps to put a hold on the rather consistent propeller drive depending on the materials worked on. For efficient control and firm hold of this unit, it has a rubberized intelligent trigger design. In addition, it has a similar brushless18v motor which has a lighter weight and compact design. Also, it delivers up to 460W of power suitable for all your drilling projects.

Unlike in other units where you have to purchase the batteries separately, this unit has 2.0Ah lithium-ion batteries straight out of the box with long lasting life. Also, the speed control feature of this unit allows you to determine the most suitable for the job at hand. For instance, the lowest gear range between 0-550 rpm and 0-9350 bpm remains ideal for hammer mode operations. Also at the highest mode of operation, you have up to 2000 rpm and 34,000 BPM.

Furthermore, it has 3 adjustable LEDs embedded in its foot to illuminate the dark environments during usage. For ease of storage, it has a steel belt hook and a magnetic bit holder. Straight out of the box you have 2 batteries and its charger, Tstak carrying bag, and the belt hook. Like most power tools from DeWalt, it comes with a full industrial warranty.


  • Brushless motor technology
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • 15 positions torque control for optimum precision
  • LED light with three adjustable modes
  • Improved ergonomic design and rubber handles
  • Belt clip and strong magnetic bit holder


  • Bit Expensive

7. Makita XRH01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Rotary Hammer 

Makita XRH01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 1-Inch Rotary Hammer Accepts SDS-PLUS Bits

Makita shook the world of power tools once again with this unit. It stands as the second unit from the popular brand to make the list of the est cordless hammer drill reviewed. Furthermore, this unit claims a lot of first as it features a number of unique parts. It stands as the industry’s first 1-inch capacity and the first 18V brush-less rotary hammer to feature an in-built vacuum attachment.

This unit has a powerful and efficient Brush-less Motor coupled with variable speed feature. This motor delivers up to 950 RPM and 4,700 BPM enough to satisfy your project needs. The motor delivers up to 2.0 Joules worth of energy and has a longer running time than some other units. One amazing feature about this model is that it powers both the rotary hammer and the vacuum system with its 18V battery.

Furthermore, it features the HEPA Dust Extraction Vacuum Attachment which becomes activated by the trigger that drives the tool itself. This means it has no dedicated control switch. Furthermore, it remains functional for a few seconds after you release the trigger. This ensures it removes all the particles from the drilling surface, a feature that comes in handy during overhead drilling.

Straight out of the box, it features dual 18V Li-ion batteries which bear the responsibility for its long-lasting performance. Unfortunately, it weighs heavier than all other units on this review list at 10.2 pounds.


  • Makita-built high torque Brush-less Motor
  • Powerful Li-ion batteries
  •  LED light
  •  3-year limited warranty
  •  Dust extraction system
  •  Dual purpose trigger


  • Some parts of the tool vibrate greatly

8. Milwaukee 2607 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Compact Hammer Drill / Driver 

Milwaukee 2607-20 1/2 Inch 1,800 RPM 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Compact Hammer Drill / Driver with Textured Grip, All Metal Gear Case, and LED Lighting

This stands as a rather smaller brand than the other to make this list of the best cordless hammer drill. However, every unit to make this review list has something to offer, I mean that’s what makes it one of the best cordless hammer drills. If you seek to perform your duties with a lightweight option without skimping on performance factors, you should look into this unit. Also, it stands as a perfect option for the newbies and DIY enthusiast with versatile features.

This Milwaukee cordless hammer drill weighs just a little over 3 pounds which means you can easily maneuver this unit. Hence, working with this unit on your long duration project seems feasible with minimum fatigue. Furthermore, it has a compact build so it sits comfortably it the palm of your hand for ease of use.

Talking about versatility, you can make use of this unit in three different ways. You can perform all your driving, drilling and hammer drilling duties with this unit. Hence, for an all-encompassing, lightweight tool, this stands as the best cordless hammer drill to opt for. In fact, with this powerful Milwaukee unit, you can drill through softer wood, hardwood, and masonry.

Powered by the 18V lithium-ion batteries, you can always rely on them for long lasting and powerful performance. Uniquely, it features a key-less chuck and LED lighting for working in darker spaces. The motor provides about 1,800 RPM and if you don’t become satisfied with this sheer performance, you can always make use of the 5-year warranty.


  • Multi-purpose 3 drill setting
  • Long warranty
  •  Metal Gear Casing
  •  Highly durable
  •  Separate lithium battery


  • Battery not included
  •  Previous users have complained of some sparking sometimes

9. Makita XPH07Z 18V Brushless Cordless 1/2" Hammer Driver-Drill, Tool Only

Makita XPH07Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 1/2" Hammer Driver-Drill, Tool Only

The list of the best cordless hammer drills continues with another unit from Makita. However, Makita no longer sounds like a strange name to this list, thanks to the high-quality tools they have produced over the years. Unlike the previous units, this stands as one of the most powerful 18V drills you will ever find. This unit offers a massive 1,090 in. lbs. of torque, in terms of power, this is more than suitable for all your projects.

Similar to all other units on this review list, it features a brushless motor which helps the unit to work for a longer period of time, in addition to the long lasting battery. This motor can deliver up to 3,500 BPM, although not the highest you will find in our list, it offers maximum performance. This unit has a unique feature which actually makes it one of the distinct best hammer drills on the market.

It features an electronically controlled motor which automatically controls the hammer drill to match the torque and RPM requirement of a specific task. Furthermore, it allows you to choose how you want the power delivered thanks to the gear system. Hence you can switch between the low gear at 550RPM and its counterpart at 3,500 RPM. Hence, this unit has added versatile functions for all craftsmen.

Unfortunately, this device doesn’t weight much considering its size and its not compact either, which means you will have to deal with a considerably heavy tool if you choose this unit. In order to make up for this, MAKITA decided to add a number of features including rightly sized handle and the rubber molding to promote comfortable usage. Lastly, it comes with a Rapid Optimum Charger which allows you to charge the battery from ow-full in less than an hour.


  • Amazing power and torque
  •  Depth gauge and side handle for support
  •  Supports half-inch chuck
  •  Dual LED lights
  •  Rapid charging of the 4.0 Ah Batteries


  • Bulky battery packs
  • Considerably heavy as compared to other 18V cordless drills
  • Cumbersome handles for some users

10. Ryobi P1813 One+ 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Hammer Drill Power Tool Kit 

Ryobi P1813 One+ 18V Lithium Ion 750 Inch Pound Cordless Hammer Drill Power Tool Kit (Includes Battery Charger and Bag)

Ryobi produced a hammer drill with no “deal-breaking” feature. If you seek one of the best cordless hammer drills that have it all, you should really look into this unit. Making the list of our top 11 best cordless hammer drills doesn’t come easy, thee units all have something unique to offer and the same goes for the Ryobi unit too.

Producing u to 750 pounds of torque, it allows you to work with relatively tough materials. Furthermore, it has a 24-position clutch coupled with the three different speed settings. This feature places you in the driver’s seat of this tool allowing you to determine at what RPM/BPM you want this rill to function depending on the task at hand. Also, it has a really compact design, in fact, all of the power and sheer performance, become packed into a small, lightweight drill weighing just 3 pounds.

Hence, you can use this unit for extended periods without having to take a break due to fatigue. For easy attachment and operation, it has an in-built magnetic bit holder which comes I really handy. For added comfort, this unit has rubber coatings around the necessary parts for a firm and steady grip. Furthermore, it has a gear system that allows it to deliver varying speed at 410 for the low gear and up to 1,800 RPM for the high one.

This unit becomes powered y the 18V battery which delivers long lasting life for all your projects. Amazingly, if you do not seem to like this unit, it comes with a whopping 5-year warranty initiated on the date of purchase. It offers it all as it comes with the drill, its battery & charger and a flexible bag for easy storage.


  • Lightweight and compact build
  • Full kit
  •  5-year long warranty
  • Magnetic bit holder
  • Three-speed setting
  • Battery and charger included


  • Not the most powerful at this range
  •  No LED light

11. Ry obi P214 One+ 18 Volt Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill 

Ryobi P214 One+ 18 Volt Lithium Ion 1/2 Inch 600 Pound Torque Hammer Drill/Driver (Tool Only) with Handle (Non-Retail Packaging)

This unit stands as the second from Ryobi and the last to be reviewed on the list of the best cordless hammer drills. It does have a number of unique features but it makes this list for one reason. It exists as the best cordless hammer drill for the newbies, homeowners, and occasional DIY enthusiast. Furthermore, as a craftsman on a tight budget looking to spend less without skimping on quality, you can always opt for this unit.

The Ryobi P214 provides up to 600 pounds of torque and 24,000 BPM. This it can do with the powerful brush-less 18V motor. Furthermore, it comes with the 24-position chuck which you can easily adjust. Talking about ease of use and adjustable parts, it also comes with the 2-speed gearbox which allows you to set the tempo for the task at hand, whether high or low.

Unlike other models at this price range, it has a magnetic bit tray which allows you to keep multiple bits within reach. Furthermore, it has the LED work light lacking in the previous Ryobi unit for working in dark areas. Like the Ryobi P1813, it has a lightweight and compact design weighing less than 4 pounds in weight. Hence, you can always use this unit for long duration projects and maneuver easily. Lastly, it features a similar 5-year long warranty period.

Overall, it makes this review list because it stands as the best cordless hammer drill at his price range.


  • Affordable
  •  Lightweight
  •  Magnetic bit tray
  •  LED work light
  •  Dual speed


  • Battery and charger are sold as separate units
  • Lower torque


A number of craftsmen find it hard t make decisions as to which hammer drill to choose for their projects. Having to decide whether corded or cordless stands as the first step in the right direction. However, we have put together a list of the best cordless hammer drills, you will find on the market.

The buying guide also helps you to make wise and conscious decisions as you already know what features to look out for in these tools. However, no review list comes without a top pick. The DeWalt DCD996B stands as the best cordless hammer drill that we have reviewed because of a number of features no longer new to you.