9 Best Chainsaws Under $200
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Best Chainsaw Under $200

The words “cheap” and “chainsaw” are hardly found together. However, if you are looking for a budget product and efficient functionality, I’m sure you will find more than one here. 

Backyard uses for chainsaws is it's normal application. For something heavy or commercially based, you will have to pay more than 200 bucks. The portable and mechanical saw provides you with convenience, power, and ease of cutting on all your yard work.

Without having to pay a truck load, we have spent hours researching various products for you. This is in a bid to provide you affordability and reliability. With the different models on the best chainsaw under $200 guide and review, this will help aid in your buying decision going forward.



Bar Length



Remington RM4216 Gas Chainsaw




Husqvarna 16 Inch 120 Mark II Gas Chainsaw

10.3 lbs



Poulan Pro 50cc
Gas Chainsaw

17 lbs



Zombi ZCS12017
Corded Electric Chainsaw




Worx WG304 

Electric Chainsaw

11.3 lbs



Oregon CS1500
Electric Chainsaw

12.6 lbs



Black +Decker LCS1240 Chainsaw

10.4 lbs



Green works 40v Cordless Chainsaw

10.3 lbs



Dewalt Dccs620p1 Cordless Chainsaw

8.8 lbs



Tips on Buying Inexpensive Chainsaws

When it comes to power tools used for cutting things, and their price tags, one should take a moment to consider certain features and functionalities. For instance, how to measure your chainsaw bar and chain.

Knowing what to be careful about, we have provided a little breakdown  to make you a savvy shopper going forward. When faced with the decision of buying a chainsaw, there are only three possible outcomes. You either buy the gas powered chainsaw, the corded electric chainsaw or the cordless battery powered chainsaw.

If you want it cheap, easy and reliable, go electric! Electric chainsaws outperform gas models even when considering factors like cutting power and cost. This is not to mean they aren’t inexpensive as gas chainsaws, just don’t expect to have the best cut for your money. The corded saws are the most affordable although you could also get the cordless saw for a reasonable price too.

Before we present you with our list on the best chainsaws under $200, you must first understand the three types of saws and what their pros and cons are.

Gas Powered Chainsaws

These chainsaws are portable cutting tools powered by specific fuels.


  • More power than the electric chainsaws.
  • No restrictions while working due to a lack of electricity
  • Gas powered chainsaws last longer than the battery powered chainsaws.
  • Provides you with much more room to maneuver unlike the restrictions caused by the cords in electric models.


  • Gas powered chainsaws require more maintenance.
  • Weighs much more than other chainsaw types, and you must be fairly strong to use it for a while.
  • You would need to stuff your ears with ear protection as they are noisy.

Corded Electric Chainsaws

You can already guess from the name. Corded Electric chainsaws are cutting tools that rely on power supply.


  • Do not weigh much, compared to the gas powered counterparts.
  • Easy to use.
  • Usually cheaper than all other types of chainsaws.


  • There is restriction in the distance you can travel due to the presence of the cord.
  • Cords can get tangled and snagged when in use

Cordless Battery Powered Chainsaws

Cordless battery chainsaws are those tools that perform with batteries to allow for cutting operations even during power outage.


  • Offer's light weight options not present in other chainsaw types.
  • Can use any time after charge and are easy to handle
  • They do not make much noise.


  • Battery could be improved.
  • Slightly more expansive.
  • Not suitable for heavy usage.

So, it all depends on how much use you are going to be getting out of your chainsaw and what it would be used for. If you have a backyard and have plans on cutting down a few branches from time to time, the perfect choice would be a lightweight cordless. However, if you have more heavy duty work, you might have to consider using the gas powered or the corded electric chainsaws.

The Best Inexpensive Chainsaws

Having grouped the chainsaws into three broad groups, its best we take a look below on which models we recommend.

Best Gas Chainsaw Under $200

Remington 16-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw-Our Top Choice

Remington 16-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

  1. Reliable Engine: 42cc 2 cycle gas powered engine with low kickback 16-Inch Bar and Chain
  2.  Comfortable Operation:
     Equipped with a 5-point anti-   vibration system and cushion   wrap handle for more balance
  3. Quick Start Technology
  4. Carrying Case Included


The Remington RM4216 Rebel is one of the best lightweight chainsaws on the market. It can handle pruning and trimming small to medium size branches. In addition, it's can be used for felling trees, limb removal and bucking logs.

Anything greater than a diameter of 12” isn’t ideal for this model. It is easy to operate and you will find that it won't take you long to maneuver your way around it's controls.

Featuring an ergonomic design, cushion wrap handles and equipped with an anti-vibration system, will give you everything to accomplish your projects requirements.

Unlike most tools, it comes with Sprocket tip 16- inch guide bar and chain and its 42cc 2-cycle engine has enough power to carry out all those light cutting tasks efficiently. It also employs a quick stat mechanism and an automatic chain oil system.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Quick start feature
  • Equipped with a carrying case.
  • Not designed for heavy duty work.
  • In rare cases, people complained about leaking oil in storage and chain slippage.

Husqvarna 16 Inch 120 Mark II Gas Chainsaw


The HUSQVARNA Mark II Gas Chainsaw alongside Stihl and Echo are the most popular brands of chainsaws currently. Every experienced chainsaw owner must have used a chainsaw under this trade name, and Husqvarna Mark II is one of the company’s mid-range units designed for light activities. 

Not only is this one of the lightest chainsaws today, but it is suites to perform light duty tasks with high efficiency. This model operates on a sprocket 16-inch guide bar and Husqvarna chain.

One feature we like to point out is that this model comes equipped with an air purge system. This is key because this will remove air from the carburetor and fuel to allow easy startups.

Another feature that this chain saw offers is its anti-vibration dampening system. No longer will you have to worry about your arms and hands being uncomfortable during prolonged uses.

Last with it premium look and awesome design is what keeps this model in fierce competition with the rest. The 38.2cc X-Torq engine in this beast, helps to reduce harmful emissions and it also provides better fuel conversion. Below is a quick comparison on the pro's and con's for this model.

  • Combined Choke/Stop Controls
  • Low vibration
  • Competitively priced
  • High efficiency on light duty task.
  • Not easy to start
  • Cannot handle medium/heavy tasks.

Poulan Pro 50cc gas powered chainsaw


The Poulan pro is a substitute to the Husqvarna, basically a cheaper version. It is an adequate tool for you if you have to cut trees occasionally.

Users of this tool come up with mixed reviews. Few people have had issues with getting the tool to start although starting up at the third or fourth pull. 

To use the Poulan Pro effectively, please read the user manual. Tackling basic tasks like pruning, trimming and cutting  thinner trees is what this saws Oxypower engine can handle.

  • The Poulan pro comes with anti-vibration handle.
  • Features low-kickback which assures safety
  •  Two-year warranty.
  • It is an efficient fuel conservator.
  • After a few time of usage, it becomes temperamental to start up.
  • Doesn’t ship with extra accessories such as a maintenance toolkit.


Best Corded Electric Chainsaw Under $200

Earlier on, it was stated that “If you are looking for cheap, ease of use and relative reliability, go electric.” This is due to the efficiency associated with devices in this category.

Zombi ZCS12017 16-Inch Corded Electric Chainsaw


This little beast is made by the American Lawn Mower Company which is known for producing a range of power tools, including hedge trimmers and blowers. The zombie brand chainsaw is capable of cutting through a 14-inch diameter piece of wood in a single pass, although it is much more effective when cutting a small diameter of wood  about 8-10 inches.

In addition to its cutting capability, is it's operation. Whether your a beginner or an expert, this model is a perfect start if you’re looking for your first electric chainsaw, as it comes assembled. Equipped with an 16-Inch Oregon guide bar and chain, replacing these parts will not be difficult since they are readily available.

Featuring a tool-less chain tensioner on this device, is a real time saver. All in all, the ZOMBI ZCS12017 is a good looking chainsaw with a lot of features.

  • Has an automatic lubrication system.
  • Equipped with a tool-less tensioning feature
  • Quick to start and easy to operate.
  • Stylish design.
  • Chainsaw is fairly new and it doesn’t have a track record

Worx WG304.1 Inch 15 Amp Electric Chainsaw


Manufacturer states that the WORX wg304.1 is ideal for quick easy jobs around your yard or farm. So you can use it for your cutting, clearing, and rimming activities. If we are to judge by user reviews, felling trees would be one of its capability.

Featuring an 18-inch bar and chain, this model can cut through small and medium sized logs. In fact, you can successfully cut through a 16” diameter log in a single pass. It comes in lightweight and assembled from the box.

The 15.0 Amp output makes this device one of the most powerful electric saws there is.

  • Powerful electric motor that can handle medium tasks.
  • Excellent cutting power.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Equipped with tool-less chain tensioning in seconds.
  • Produces little noise.
  • Uses a lot of chain oil.
  • Doesn’t have the most solid construction.
  • Chainsaw cord is limited


Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Electric Chainsaw


This device can carry out light-medium cutting duties around your home. It is also ideal for limbing, felling, bucking and many more activities. Its distinctiveness is seen in the self-sharpening feature and is the reason why it's rated as a top end chainsaw.

The Oregon CS1500  can get you up and running in 3 seconds, all you need to do is pull a lever. Knowing the real pain that comes with hitting a stone or letting the blade coming in contact with dirt causes the chain to be blunt. This can be a real pain halfway through a task.

Lastly, it comes equipped with Oregon 18-inch guide bar and chain. It also has a nice design more importantly delivering 1800W with its 15.0 Amp motor.

  • It is very easy to sharpen the chain.
  • Includes an instant start feature.
  • Excellent cutting power.
  • Equipped with an tool-less chain adjustment system.
  • It produces less noise.
  • Consumes a lot of oil.
  • Heavy
  • Chain can slip off the bar if not checked regularly and properly tensioned.

Verdict On Corded Electric Chainsaws

If you live in areas where neighbors are likely to complain about noise or you have a small backyard, the best option is to go cordless. To use your chainsaw away from power outlets, you would need a long extension cable or a generator.

If you are looking for something lightweight, easy to start, budget friendly and also efficient, the cordless chainsaws should be considered.

Best Cordless Chainsaws Under $200

Light use chainsaws are ideal for cordless models. If you are trying to avoid the noise and mess a gas chainsaw would make of your task, you might need to equip yourself with a cordless device

Black + Decker LCS1240 Lithium Ion Chainsaw


Light activities like pruning branches and cutting fallen limbs is what this Black + Decker LCS1240 chainsaw is for. It cuts logs up to 12 inches in diameter.

Like most of the products we have reviewed, it comes equipped with Oregon 12-inch guide bar and chain. The LCS1240 looks just like the LCS 1020 model although with a nice design and construction.

Featuring a 40V Max Lithium battery will be more than enough power supply for your needs. The manufacturer says this battery can hold the device for 18 months and can provide 30-45 minutes of cutting time.

It also comes with a number of safety features. If you already own a heavy duty saw then this model works wonderful as a secondary choice.

  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • The device is easy to assemble with an easy to follow through user manual.
  • Excellent cutting power.
  • Portable
  • It provides a conducive, quite working environment.
  • Oil reservoir needs improvement
  • To complete large jobs, you may need additional batteries.

Greenworks 16-Inch 40v Cordless Chainsaw


This device is perfect for frequent backyard cleanups. Like the Black and Decker, the Greenwork battery is compatible with other Greenworks 40V power tools.

Equipped with the quality of the Oregon 18-inch bar and chain, the Greenwork 40V is easy to use and not too heavy. It has a super-efficient brush-less motor and the amp rating/battery life is one of the best among budget cordless chainsaws.

Like other models on our list, it does include a tool-less chain tensioning system for quick adjustments so that you can get back to your work quickly. It also features an translucent oil tank for a clear view of your oil level.

Below is a list of our pro's and con's on what we like and didn't like.

  • Durable brush-less motor.
  • It has a low maintenance design.
  • Equipped with Chain brake for safety.
  • Automatic oiler system.
  • The tool-free chain adjustment is also a plus.
  • Limited battery life.
  • Not ideal for large pieces of wood and timber.
  • In rare cases, the chain may come undone while working.

Dewalt Dccs620p1 Compact 12" Cordless Chainsaw Kit


Hitting the market as a quality chainsaw, Dewalt has done it again. Being known for their amazing product and features is why so many hobbyist use their equipment.

The Dewalt Dcc620 Compact 12" Cordless Chainsaw is much more lightweight than most chainsaws and weighs just 8.8lbs. It also comes equipped with ergonomic handles for easy grip. Unlike the gas chainsaws mentioned earlier, Dewalt Dcs620p1 doesn’t produce fumes and it operates with little/ to no noise. 

Some of its features include tool-free chain tensioning, high efficiency brushless motor, and a bar tightening knob to give you proper clamp force. Dewalt does offer a 3-year warranty plus 1 year of free service at any of their numerous centers across America.

  • Battery cell is compatible with other Dewalt products (20V)
  • Limits emissions or pollutions on device.
  • Soft grip handle for comfort.
  • Light in weight
  • Tool-free tensioning system.
  • Battery needs improvement.
  • Not as powerful as the gas version

Wrapping it up

It has been a long read but if you are looking for the Best Chainsaw under the $200 limit, it is essential to feed yourself with every detail you can get. Choosing the best chainsaw model for your needs can vary on several factors such as scope of work, stature, and preference. 

In this review featuring the 9 best chainsaws under $200 we recommend the Remington RM4216 Rebel as our top choice . With it's sleek design and light frame you won't be disappointed on what this unit can offer. 

We also like to point out that for every product you buy, to read the manual first to have a clear understanding of the chainsaw operations.