The 7 Best Chainsaw Chaps: Reviews & Comparison

If your involved in a lot of outdoor work in wooded area's, you’ll desire to have the best chainsaw chaps you can get. It would not be wise to cut through material and debris without protecting yourself. A powerful chainsaw cuts through trees in mere seconds, imagine what it could do to human legs full of flesh and ligaments.

Because chainsaws can be very dangerous, investing in a pair of chainsaw chaps is a nice idea. No one wants to place a chainsaw on their legs, but all it takes is one mistake and you could end up being critically injured.

Regardless of how often you make use of the chainsaw, protect yourself with chainsaw chaps. If you are a homeowner or your into the landscaping business, you owe it to no one but yourself to stay safe. “Prevention is better than cure” they say but there is no perfect cure for a lost leg.

Chainsaw Chaps are protective chainsaw pants or clothing that you put on when making use of your chainsaw. The best chainsaw chaps on the market are for professionals. These professionals make use of chainsaws frequently and understandably want to have a means of protection. As a result of this, Occupational Safety and health Administration (OSHA), ANSI, ASTM have taken the responsibility of certifying these chaps.

Apart from these professionals, occasional chainsaw users can also protect themselves with these pieces of gear. The chainsaw chaps alongside the first aid kit, whistle, and cell phone are Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help aid you. Wearing a pair of jeans to act as a tough pair of pants isn’t enough.

Here are a few things you need to be aware of before buying chaps.

How The Chainsaw Chap Works

As a novice, you probably think chainsaw chaps act as armor to save your legs from the saw. However, this is not the case with the workings of these chaps. Chainsaw chaps are from several materials including nylon and Kevlar.

Contrary to your thinking, a chap's design is to latch onto the blade of a saw making contact, and jam it up to stop rotation. Here, the works of OSHA, ANSI and ASTM is pretty much appreciated. This is because building something strong enough to serve as armor is practically difficult and unachievable.

It's design is a pretty clever way to solve the problem of losing your lower limbs. It's also important to evaluate chaps on some criteria as part of our review on best chainsaw chaps.

Important Criteria

It is important to ask these three questions when you want to get your chainsaw chaps.

  • How well do they protect you from chainsaw blades?
  • How much total body coverage do they provide?
  • And lastly, how comfortable are the chaps to wear?

Below are some important criteria that you should look for when buying chainsaw chaps.


Chainsaw chaps are simple in design so much that after considering the materials used in their production, there is little to worry about regarding the specifications.You should be on the lookout for apparels that have powerful outer covering to conceal the tough inner layers. These materials are:

  • Ballistic nylon was developed by DuPont for use during World War II, in short it is a thick tough nylon fabric.
  • Polyester on the other hand is very strong and durable, can resist abrasions and chemicals, stretch and shrink and dries quickly.
  • Kevlar is a strong synthetic fiber and resistant to heat.
  • Avertic is a series of warp-knitted clogging fabrics with variants designed specially to meet certain standards (EN and ASTM)

Also check the density of the fabric. “Denier” is to measure the density of the fabric. The higher the denier the safer the chap. Another important feature related to the material is mode of washing. You need to check if the fabric allows washing with machine, otherwise you wash with your hands.

Length and Size

The most important thing is to get a matching fit. This is said about any piece of clothing but in this case, a perfect fit will keep you safe. Next you should consider to check the elasticity of the waistband. The waistband must be such that it easily accommodates you.

All chainsaw workers are not of the same height. The length of the chaps run from your waist down to your ankles.  It's best to know your length, to ensure the chaps are not too short or long.

As a side note,  you might want to consider full wrap chaps. These do not cover the front of your legs alone, but also all around your lower legs and the sides of your upper leg. This safety bonus is different from the usual front cover chaps.


In order to guarantee the safety of your chaps, determine their certifications. There are two major safety control organizations whose certifications are trustworthy.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration,  is the main agency that offers safety and health regulations. When buying, examine the chap and see if they meet the 1910.266 OSHA regulations.

The other group which is of major importance is the American National Standards Institute, ANSI. Their main task is supervision, circulation and guiding the use of these chaps.

Ease to wear and Remove

Chainsaw chaps have straps and clips that are used to fasten the apparel in place. when buying chaps, ensure the straps and clips are sturdy and secure since the gear will be going through a lot of putting on and off.


One last thing to consider is your preference on having pockets on your chaps. Some people love to have pockets on their chaps while some people dislike them. You can use these pockets to store things or they could be an extra burden to carry about.

Either way, let us move on to discuss our top chainsaw chaps.

Our Top Chainsaw Chap Picks

1.  Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps with Pocket Apron Style-Our Top Choice

Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps (Orange)

  1. Not Suitable For Use With Electric Chainsaw
  2. Meets ASTM, OSHA standards. UL Certified
  3. "Apron Style"  Chaps Protect Front of Both Legs

Style has nothing to do with protection. But, who says you can’t look good while working. The forester chainsaw chap offers protection with a bit of  design to it. It comes in several colors including forest green and orange. They meet the standards of all safety organizations, OSHA ,and ASTM in both the United States and Canada.

It's design is to protect the front part of your leg without restricting your movement as it is very light in weight. However, this product isn’t suitable for use with high torque electric chainsaws because they can cut right through them. It does feature pockets which comes in handy and loved by people who want them in their chaps.

In addition, the waist sizes range from 28-44 inches and it comes in various lengths including 35”,46” and 40” depending on your height.

Last, when using this chainsaw chap, one major issue is flying debris. To reduce this type of safety hazard, this apparel offers both water and oil resistant within its material. Overall if you are looking for an inexpensive pair of chaps that offer quality protection then these will not fail to disappoint.


  1. Comes in multiple sizes
  2. The Chap offers multiple color selections
  3.  Light in weight and rugged
  4. Human movement has no limitation
  5. Water and oil resistant


  1. Doesn’t provide protection for crotch areas
  2. Not a full wrap chap as it offers no full-body or torso protection

2.      Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap 

Husqvarna Technical Apron Wrap Chap

  1. 1000 Denier Polyster with PVC Coating 
  2. Adjustable Waist Size to 42 Inches
  3. Felling Wedge/Gear Pocket and Acetyl Delran buckles
  4. Meets ASTM, OSHA standards. UL Certified

This chap has PVC coatings, 1000 denier polyester and Tek-wrapped layers for protection. All these materials help lessen the severity of injuries and cuts. Due to the cut resistant materials, the pants slow down the chainsaw blade once the fabric is stuck in it.

Husqvarna Technical Apron wrap has adjustable waist sizes. This feature makes the chainsaw chap more comfortable for different workers. It also offers you little storage pocket for tools and accessories. One important quality on this chap is the Acetyl Delran buckles that ensures appropriate fit and extra security.

It also meets the safety standards of the OSHA, ANSI, ASTM organizations and is UL certified.

On hot summer days, the thick materials can make you uncomfortable. However, the Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron offers a great deal of protection and comes at an affordable price.



  1. Made of heavy duty material
  2. Easy to put on and off
  3. Comes with adjustable waist size up to 42”
  4. Satisfies all standards of ANSI, ASTM and OSHA
  5. Pockets great for storage
  6. Easy to wash


  1. Heavy and can be uncomfortable
  2. It takes a while to adjust the apron

3.      Husqvarna Technical Apron Wrap Chap 40 to 42-Inch

Husqvarna Technical Apron Wrap Chap

  1. 1000 Denier Polyster with PVC Coating 
  2. Adjustable Waist Size to 42 Inches
  3. Felling Wedge/Gear Pocket and Acetyl Delran buckles
  4. Meets ASTM, OSHA standards. UL Certified

This is another efficient Chainsaw chap from Husqvarna. Unlike the previous product, this is a bigger and longer size. The chap has a maximum length of 40-42 inches and can be adjusted to fit all chainsaw users.

The product is made of 1000 denier polyester with coatings of PVC and Tek-wrapped layers for efficient protection. Although efficient in its services, it can be sturdy. It also meets all safety requirements and will protect your lower limbs successfully.

These pants are extremely safe because they can slow down chainsaws, even those with high torques. Furthermore, you will definitely find a size that fits properly. Although expensive, you will definitely get the value for the money paid.


  1. Great protection against high torque chainsaws
  2. Can be cleaned easily
  3. Certified by UL and meets all safety standards
  4. Equipped with useful pocket
  5. Chaps come in different sizes


  1. Heavy cut-resistant materials.


4.      Husqvarna Functional Apron Chap, 40 to 42-Inch

Husqvarna Functional Apron Chap

  1. 600 Denier Polyster with PVC Coating 
  2. Adjustable Waist Size to 42 Inches
  3. Felling Wedge/Gear Pocket and Acetyl Delran buckles
  4. Meets ASTM, OSHA standards. UL Certified

The Husqvarna Functional Apron Chaps is a top quality product from Husqvarna. This chap is available in gray and black color combinations. It comes with UL certification and also  meets all safety regulations by OSHA, ASTM and ANSI. This means it has been proven to protect you from potential chainsaw accidents.

Unlike previous products from Husqvarna, this chap is highly convenient. It is made of 600 denier polyester and its outer-shell is made of 5-layer Kevmalimot material. These materials alongside its ballistic fibers are responsible for its great protection.

It can be cleaned easily either by washing with machine or hand. The cleaning maintenance is loved by many users as you can easily get it ready for the next task. However, it comes in a single adjustable size which is perfect for all chainsaw users.

While this chap leaves the back of your leg free and unprotected, the front cover should be enough. It is quite difficult to cut the back of your thigh with a chainsaw. Ideally these chaps can be used by either, occasional or professional workers.


  1. Works with electric chainsaws
  2. Reduces chance of injury
  3. Worn by people of all sizes
  4. The certifications guarantee its quality


  1. Doesn’t offer protection for the back of your legs.
  2. It twists frequently around the legs.

5.      Chain Saw Safety Chap 36” Leg Plus Deluxe Safety

Chain Saw Safety Chap 36" Leg Plus Deluxe

  1. Meets ASTM, OSHA standards. UL Certified
  2.  Water and Oil Resistant
  3. Lightweight
  4. Multiple Sizes
  5. Durable

This chainsaw chap is similar to the Forester Orange apparel that we reviewed earlier on. The major difference is it's size since this product comes in the deluxe version. Just like its close counterpart, it meets all standards for protection requirements made by OSHA, ASTM and ANSI.

If you are on the lookout for something that will keep you dry and safe, this is the best product for you. It is oil and water resistant and will surely protect you from dangerous liquids around the workplace. Also, it has varying sizes which enables you to choose the best fit for yourself.

Featuring a sleek design and being light in weight, this product can be carried easily and it doesn’t restrict movement. Also, this model doesn’t shield your entire legs,  but does provide maximum safety. There have been some issues from previous users during cutting operations due to not fitting perfectly around the hip area.

The deluxe version ships with an extra helmet that will save your face and head from flying debris. The helmet is provided with a mask in front and a strong head surface.



  1. The 4.4 pounds’ lightweight can be carried easily
  2. Certified and meets all necessary standards
  3. Ships with an extra helmet unlike other chainsaw chaps
  4. Oil and water resistance
  5. Pockets offer extra storage facility


  1. Doesn’t cover all of your legs
  2. The ear pro mounts snaps off sometimes
  3. Can be difficult to put on and takeoff at times

6.    Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps with Pocket

Forester Safety Chainsaw  Chaps

  1. 6 Layers of protection 
  2. Deep Cargo Pockets 
  3. Meets ASTM, OSHA standards. UL Certified

Forester is a big name among the chainsaw chap manufacturers. Although famous for making various products, the quality of their apparel is among the best in the market.

This chap is a bit heavier than most of the products we have reviewed. Although heavy, it's not a deal breaker with its level of protection. The design is specifically for use with high torque chainsaws. The chap is made of ballistic fibers which are rated as a high cut resistance.

It's also a stylish chainsaw chap with a sleek orange design. Made available at 40" inches,  you won't have issues buying this if you are of a larger frame.


  1. Easy to adjust
  2. Durable and offers heavyweight protection
  3. High cut retardant material is a plus
  4. It is one of the most stylish chap we have reviewed


  1. Only one size

7.      Forester Professional Cutter’s Combo-

Forester Professional Cutter's Combo

  1. Forester Helmet Meets ANSI/ISEA Standards
  2. Chaps are Oil/Water Resistant
  3. 8-12 Layers of Protection
  4. Chaps Meets ASTM, OSHA standards. UL Certified

From its names, you can tell this chap doesn’t come with protection for the lower limbs alone. It comes equipped with safety glasses, a helmet and ear muffs. This safety kit and all of its accessories are a great value.

Featuring a forestry helmet, safety glasses, and ear muffs to meet the standards of all necessary certifying groups, will give you proper protection for the jobs at hand. The helmet number is an 8577 and is a type 1 model with multiple classes such as E and G.

This chap is one of the best products for professional uses. It meets the ASTM and OSHA standards for leg protection of chainsaw users. Unlike other chaps, it is provided with 8-12 layers of protection. In addition, it is oil and water resistant and prevents dangerous liquid from harming you.


  1. Offers sure satisfaction
  2. The company employs a no Hassel returns and exchange policy
  3. Full wrap and covers leg entirity
  4. Comes in various colors


  1. Heavy
  2. Slightly expensive

Closing Thoughts

Using a chainsaw is a serious deal, and you need to stay safe. The list of products we have reviewed are subject to our research and analysis. However, you can be sure that maximum protection for your limbs, should no longer stand as a problem.

The Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps with Pocket Apron Style (Orange Version) is our number one pick. This is due to the wide range of sizes it offers and it's affordable price.

Bonus Review

TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet and Hearing Protection System

Also, we would like to take a look at another piece of equipment and you can consider it to be a bonus review. This product is a 5 in 1 safety gear. It consists of a helmet, adjustable earmuffs, plastic and mesh visors. These materials provide workers with a dynamic protection for any job.

If you use chainsaws, brush cutters, trimmers, or machines ideal for forestry type of work, you should have this safety gear. The helmet fits firmly on the head and comes equipped with adjustable knob that makes it easy to adjust the circumference between 20-24.5 inches.

Altogether, they are lightweight, the plastic and mesh visors protect from flying debris. As you would expect they are certified by ANSI and CE. The helmet has a wonderful ANSI rating of Z89. 1-2003. All the parts bought together guarantee safety.

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